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20th Century Fox VS Toei is a crossover fighting game which features characters by 20th Century Fox & Toei.

Playable Characters

20th Century Fox Toei Guests
Homer Simpson Red Buster Mario (WiiU/3DS Exclusive)
Marge Simpson Blue Buster Luigi (WiiU/3DS Exclusive)
Bart Simpson Yellow Buster Princess Peach (WiiU/3DS Exclusive)
Lisa Simpson Beet Buster Yoshi (WiiU/3DS Exclusive)
Peter Griffin Stag Buster Wario (WiiU/3DS Exclusive)
Lois Griffin Uchuu Keiji Gavan Donkey Kong (WiiU/3DS Exclusive)
Stewie Griffin Kamen Rider Den-O Banjo & Kazooie (Xbox360 Exclusive)
Cleveland Brown Momotaros Conker (Xbox360 Exclusive)
Stan Smith Ryutaros Sackboy (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Turanga Leela Kintaros Sir Daniel Fortesque (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Bender Urataros Sly Cooper (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Sid the Sloth Sailor Moon Kratos (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Rodney Copperbottom Cure Happy Shrek
Hank Hill Cure Sunny Princess Fiona
Predator Cure March Donkey
Major Dutch Schaefer Cure Peace Puss in Boots
Lt. Linn Kurosawa Cure Beauty Artie
Rasputin San Dorva Prince Charming


20th Century Fox Toei
Krusty the Clown Spider-Man (Toei)
Dr. Zoidberg Shuya Nanahara
Tim the Bear Nagamine Shigeki
Mr. Burns (Ultimate Only) Enter (Ultimate Only)
Mom (Ultimate Only) Tuxedo Kamen (Ultimate Only)
Giant Chicken (Ultimate Only) Basco ta Jolokia (Ultimate Only)

Ultimate 20th Century Fox VS Toei

20th Century Fox Toei
Buck Cure Black
Captain Gutt Cure White
Luke Skywalker Gokai Red
Han Solo Gokai Blue
Yoda Gokai Green
Darth Vader Gokai Yellow
Edward Scissorhands Gokai Pink
Boba Fett Gokai Silver


20th Century Fox Toei
Manny (Hyper Combo for Sid) Sailor Mercury (Special Attack for Sailor Moon)
Diego (Special Attack for Sid) Sailor Mars (Special Attack for Sailor Moon)
Phillip J. Fry (Hyper Combo for Bender) Sailor Jupiter (Special Attack for Sailor Moon)
Maggie Simpson (Special Attack for Marge Simpson) Sailor Venus (Special Attack for Sailor Moon)
Brian Griffin (Hyper Combo for Stewie Griffin) Marin (Heal for Uchuu Keiji Gavan)
Santa's Little Helper (Special Attack for Bart Simpson) Kamen Rider Wizard (Hyper Combo for Kamen Rider Den-O)
Snowball II (Special Attack for Lisa Simpson) Sailor Chibi Moon (Special Attack for Sailor Moon)
Squint, Flynn, Silas, Gupta & Raz (Special Attacks/Hyper Combos for Captain Gutt) Amazoness (Hyper Combo for Spider-Man (Toei))
Chewbacca (Special Attack for Han Solo) Garia (Heal/Buff for Spider-Man (Toei))
Emperor Palpatine (Hyper Combo for Darth Vader) Shiny Luminous (Buff for Cure Black/Cure White)
Fender Pinwheeler (Hyper Combo for Rodney Copperbottom) Escape (Hyper Combo/Special Attack for Enter)
Waylon Smithers (Special Attack/Hyper Combo/Heal for Mr. Burns) Sally (Hyper Combo for Basco ta Jolokia)
Peaches (Hyper Combo for Mom)

Other Fox/Toei characters make cameos in stages and character endings.

Final Boss

Hexxessiah, a fusion of Hexxus & Messiah.

The REAL Final Boss