Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic vs. The Nightmare Warlock! is an action-adventure video game published by DIC Interactive, based on the DIC Entertainment TV series of the same name. The game was developed by High Voltage Software for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Windows. The GBA port was developed by Artificial Mind & Movement (A2M).


The game begins on the planet Mobius as the citizens and the mayor congratulate Sonic and Tails with a cake for foiling Dr. Robotnik's evil plans, until Scratch and Grounder come out of it, much to the mayor, the citizens, and Sonic and Tails' shock. After the battle against Scratch and Grounder, everyone now celebrates and the mayor gives the two heroes another cake.

Meanwhile, inside Dr. Robotnik's fortress (now repaired after its destruction in the episode, "Robo-Ninjas"), he has had it with Scratch and Grounder's failure for capturing Sonic and their incompetence, as he fires them both and takes them to the junkyard. So now that Robotnik's work is done, he calls the mysterious newcomer on the phone. After being called, the evil, nightmarish dark wizard (voiced by Corey Burton) comes out the door and introduces himself as The Nightmare Warlock. Robotnik orders the warlock to capture Sonic the Hedgehog.

Inside Sonic and Tails' home, the two heroes had enough adventure for today. A paperboy throws a newspaper that says "Dr. Robotnik hires an evil warlock!". Sonic and Tails come out and read the paper as they go and tell the people of the planet Mobius about it.

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Voice cast

  • Jaleel White - Sonic
  • Tara Strong - Tails
  • Long John Baldry - Dr. Robotnik
  • Corey Burton - The Nightmare Warlock
  • Phil Hayes - Scratch
  • Garry Chalk - Grounder


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