Age of Empires IV is the fourth installment in the Age of Empires series. It is the sequel to Age of Empires III. Because Age of Empires the first game was set in Ancient Greece, Age of Empires 2 was set in the dark ages through the imperial age, Age of Empires III was set in Colonial times, Age of Empires IV is set in World War I.


You get to play as civilizations such as Americans, British, German, French, Czechoslovakian, Romanian, Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese, and Himalayan.

When you begin a game you start off with five workers (they're not called villagers in this game) and a town center. Three of your workers are men and the other two are women. You make your workers gather Food, Wood, Gold, and Stone to build their civilization. First you need to build a granary to gather food in, a stone mine for stone, a gold mine for gold and a lumber camp for wood. You put your resources in them so you dont have to make your villagers walk all the way back to the town center for it. You have to use 180 wood to build a military base. There you can train soldiers. You train marines so they can protect your civilization. When enemies come by your town the marines and them will fight. If your marines get attacked they will lose HP points and if the enemies are attacked they will lose HP points. If your units lose all HP points they will die. And if the enemies units lose all HP points they will die too. When you have 500 food and 300 gold and you built a military base and a three houses you can advance to the next age. more to be added