• (Fades to the view of Ratropolis where Roddy, Rita, her family and Sid hang out in the Jammy Dodger.)
  • Rita: Thanks for saving the world from the Toad, Rod. I owe you one.
  • Roddy: Thanks, I guess. And I'm surprised to see Sid got invited for a cruise.
  • Sid: Yeah, not to mention the pet cat Tabitha got.
  • (A portal appears)
  • Rita: What the?
  • (A person comes out of the vortex)
  • Roddy: Lookie here, a new visitor. I just wondered that he came to greet us. (goes to the person) Hello, young chap. What's your name?
  • (Person is speechless)
  • Roddy: Can't talk, huh?
  • Rita: I think he said he came from another dimension.
  • Roddy: Who sent you?

Kanos Intro

  • (The entire cast of animated characters teleport and land on a black screen)
  • Mike: Where are we?
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