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Azumanga Daioh: The Arcade Game is a game for the arcade and SEGA Master System. The game was re-released on the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. The game is 800 Microsoft points and $10 on Playstation Network. When it was on the SEGA Master System it was Azumanga Daioh (SEGA Master System).


In the game you play as Osaka and Chiyo and Chiyo flies with her pigtails and Osaka flies with her own Chiyo pigtails. You have to fly around different levels, collect Sata Andgais, and don't run into the Chiyo-chichis. To get rid of the Chiyo-chichis your characters shoots Neko Kenekos and when the game begins the game gives you 5 lives. If your two characters die at the same time they go back to the level and when you waste all of your lives the game is over. The game has bosses and you can also get power ups like if you pick up fried octopus balls you get a extra life and if you pick up a meatball then your projectiles will become more stronger for a limited time.thumb|322px|right|Main Menu Music


  • Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network
  • Computers (Commodore 64, etc.)

Difference from Arcade and SEGA Master System


  • The voices are digitlized
  • The game is 8-bit

SEGA Master System

  • The voices aren't digitiziled
  • The game is 16-bit
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