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Azumanga Daioh: The Video Game is a game for the Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox, and the Gameboy Advance. The game was later re-released for the Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS Vita, and the Nintendo 3DS. You play as the 6 azumanga girls Osaka, Chiyo, Sakaki, Tomo, Yomi, Kagura. The game is rated T for teen due to violence and profanity.


The game begins when the 5 girls go to Chiyo's and when they enter the house a news emergancy broadcast goes on. It says that there will be a alien invasion happening. Tomo thought it was just a prank until a laser beam destroys part of Chiyo's house. The girls are devestated on the destruction of the city. When the alien robots are too much for the army the girls decide to go on a epic adventure to save the world.


Level 1: Tutriol

Characters:Chiyo/Tadakichi, Osaka, Tomo, Yomi, Sakaki, and Kagura

Location:Chiyo's backyard

Plot:The girls teach you how to play the game

Level 2:Neighborhood Knockout

Characters:Sakaki and Chiyo/Tadakichi

Location:Chiyo and Sakaki's neighborhood

Plot:Fight all the alien robots that are invading Chiyo and Sakaki's neighborhood

Level 3:School Rescue


Location:The girl's school

Plot:Rescue Kaorin before Ms.Yukari's class explodes

Level 4:Downtown Danger

Characters:Tomo and Yomi


Plot:Wipe out all the aliens that are invading downtown

Level 5 Boss:The Destruct-inator

Characters:Chiyo/Tadakichi, Osaka, Kagura, Sakaki, Tomo, and Yomi

Location:The Mall

Plot:Save the mall from getting destroyed by the Destruct-inator

Level 6:Department Store

Characters:Osaka and Chiyo/Tadakichi

Location:A large Deaprtment Store

Plot:Get thourgh an entire department store which is infested with alien robots

Level 7:Subway Getaway

Characters:Sakaki and Kagura

Location:A Subway Tunnel

Plot:Escape a subway tunnel full of alien robots

Level 8:Road to Chiyo's summer home

Characters:Sakaki and Yomi

Location:Freeway to Chiyo's summer home

Plot:Go to Chiyo's summer home on the freeway without the aliens foiling your plan

Level 9:Summer home Sucurity

Characters:Tomo and Chiyo/Tadakichi

Location:Outside of Chiyos' summer home

Plot:Secure Chiyo's summer home without getting destroyed by the aliens

Level 10:Bad Beach

Characters:Osaka and Kagura

Location:The Beach

Plot:Rescue all thepeople that are captured by the aliens in the beach

Level 11:Camp Deadly

Characters:Sakaki and Tomo

Location:A camp

Plot:Get out of a camp that is filled with alien robots

Level 12:Forest Run


Location:The Forest

Plot:Go thourgh the forest without Osaka, Tomo, Yomi, Kagura, and Sakaki trying to save you

Level 13 Boss:Drill-inator 5000

Characters: Chiyo/Tadakichi, Tomo, Kagura, Sakaki, Osaka, and Yomi

Location:End of the forest

Plot:Defeat the Drill-inator 5000 before it destroys the forest

Level 14:Get to the boat

Characters:Osaka, Sakaki, Kagura, Yomi, Tomo, and Chiyo/Tadakichi

Locations:End of forest and Lake Docks

Plot:Get from the end of the forest to the lake docks

Level 15:Sail to Okinawa

Characters:Tomo, Osaka, and Kagura

Locations:Lake and ocean

Plot:Get to Okinawa before the aliens do

Level 16:Okinawa

Characters: Chiyo/Tadakichi, Yomi, and Sakaki


Plot:Wipe ou all the aliens that are invading Okinawa

Level 17 Boss:The Doomship

Characters:Tomo, Sakaki, Kagura, Yomi, Chiyo/Tadakichi

Location:Okinawa docks

Plot:Stop the Doomship from destroying the docks

Level 18:Freeway Frenzy

Characters:Sakaki and Tomo

Location:Freeway to MagicalLand

Plot:Go on the freeway to MagicalLand without the aliens trying to destroy you

Level 19:MagicalLand Madness

Characters:Chiyo/Tadakichi, Tomo, Osaka, and Kagura

Locations:Tunnel of Love and rest to MagicalLand

Plot:Save MagicalLand from the robot aliens

Level 20:Mothership Mayham

Characters:Osaka and Chiyo/Tadakichi

Location:The Mothership

Plot:Go to the leader of the aliens robots lair

Level 21 Final Boss:Leader of Alien Robots

Characters:Chiyo/Tadakichi, Yomi, Sakaki, Kagura, Tomo, and Osaka

Location:Leader's lair

Plot:Defeat the leader of the alien robots

Level 22:Escape from the Mothership

Characters:All 6 Azumanga Girls

Locations:Mothership and MagicalLand

Plot:Get out of the Mothership before it explodes

Level 23:Road to Chiyo's house


Locations:Freeway and Chiyo's house

Plot:Get to Chiyo's house


In the game you can punch, super punch, kick, super kick, punch and kick combo, sprint, and pick up ray guns. The game is for many systems and here are the Xbox 360 controls. You move the joystick to move, press the D pad to switch characters, move the bottom joystick to rotate the camera, press START to pause, press BACK to resume, press A to jump, double click A to double jump, press X to punch, press Y to kick, press X and LB to super punch, press Y and RB to super kick, press X and Y together to punch and kick combo, press RT to shoot lasers, when you play as Chiyo you press B to switch to Mr.Tadakichi, and press LT to sprint.


  • This game won a world record for best selling anime video game with a total of 43.89 copies worldwide
  • When the game was going to be re-released it was just going to be for the Xbox 360 then it was decided to also re-release it for Wii, PS3, and Nintendo 3DS
  • This game's final boss is number 13 in the top 20 hardest final bosses in video games


When the game was first released McDonalds were selling toys of Azumanga Daioh when you get a kids meal. In Toys R us they were selling limited edition Chiyo and Mr. Tadakichi plushes.

Azumanga Daioh: The Arcade Game

Azumanga Daioh: The Arcade Game is a game you can get on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. You play as Osaka and Chiyo and you have to collect the Sata Andgai (an Okinawan donut) and make sure not to run into Chiyo-chichis.


Nintendo Power

This is is so fun to play when your bored and this game is hard and if you like alien game like Alien Resurrection for the Playstation then this game is perfect for you.


A perfect example of modern videogames. Fun, Fast and Sexy. A perfect starting point for those new to the azumanga francise.



Cancelled PlayStation 2 version

A PlayStation 2 version was in development, but it was eventually cancelled.

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