Returning From The 1st Game

  1. Boomer: A clown from the circus. His air jumps and the tricks up his sleeves make him the most humorous fighter.
  2. Bruiser: A bodybuilder who gets quite a workout. His buffed-up body and powerful blows make him a formidable fighter.
  3. Crusher: An enraged rhinoceros who prefers to charge at his opponents directly.
  4. Divine: A ballerina dancer who twirls around gracefully. She's the only female fighter and will sometimes give a spanking.
  5. Kronk: A caveman from the dawn of civilization. He uses his club to cut his opponents down to size and hits them like a baseball.
  6. Tsunami: A sumo wrestler who enjoys leaping on top of his opponents.
  7. Turbo: A superhero who glides along the arena and blows as strongly as a hurricane. He is the only fighter who uses ranged attacks.
  8. Yoko: A monkey who often breaks wind. He enjoys ganging up on you and slapping you silly.
  9. Zombie: he appears in the director's cut version of the game. He stalks and slashes at his enemies.
  10. Guggler: an ostrich who pecks at her opponents and tosses them around with her beak. Her "jump and kick" ability also makes her a boss to be reckoned with. Defeating her wins the Red Belt.
  11. Bounder:a kangaroo who wears boxing gloves and uses punches and kicks. He often jumps around and balances on his tail while using his legs to fling opponents across the arena. Defeating him wins the Green Belt.
  12. T-Wrecks: a gigantic dinosaur who relies on an aggressive temperament as an attack. He will grab opponents in his jaws and creates devastating ground shock waves with a powerful tail. Defeating him wins the Blue Belt.
  13. Lamprey: A mystical genie whose swift attacks and magical powers make him a formidable foe. He possesses the ability to turn himself into any creature, such as a bull, a scorpion, or a snake. Defeating him wins the Black Belt.


Jingles:A mime who was The Jester In Ballz 3D,He dons a black-and-white outfit


  • The Jester: The ultimate boss. The Jester is the one who challenged the fighters to duel in the tournament at the start. He dons a body similar to ichabod clay from the clayfighter games,A round purple head,yellow evil looking eyes & a hat that's similar rto the one worn by marx from kirby superstar & Kirby Star Allies He can be seen juggling balls in the opening. As the final boss, he is the most difficult character to beat. He can disassemble himself and move about the floor, and has physical attacks that are very strong. The damage he does can take off much of the player's health. After being defeated for the first time, he reassembles and comes back for more. When the Jester finally falls the palace will explode as the fighter escapes on a rocket
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