This is a list of extras for the video game, Bambi: The Fawn's Journey. The following applies for all versions.

Console Extras

  • FMVs seen throughout the game
  • Disney Studios Interview (Bambi's Movie-to-Video Game Transformation)
  • Voice-Over Sessions (Forest Voice-Over Sessions)
  • A scene from Bambi II where Bambi meets Thumper and encounters his sisters (same thing as on the Cinderella Platinum Edition DVD, albeit with an ad statement at the bottom of the screen promoting Bambi II (at the time) coming to DVD February 2006)
  • Concept Art (A Slideshow of some design drawings)
  • Meet Bambi (A Slideshow of some pictures of Bambi)
  • Bambi's Friends and Rivals (A Slideshow of some pictures of Bambi's companions, The Great Prince, Friend Owl, and Ronno in both the films and the game)
  • Twitterpated Art (Concept Art of Faline, Miss Bunny, Bluebelle, and the sons of Bambi, Thumper, and Flower in both the films and the game)
  • Bambi Books (Check out some ads for books in the Bambi series from Disney.)
  • Credits (Find out who the people behind the game are.)

GBA Extras

DS Extras

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