This is a list of levels for the video game, Bambi: The Fawn's Journey. The following levels are all based on the 2 Bambi films, with some original stuff.

Console Levels

Level 1: The Simple Life
(Tutorial level)

Playable character[s]: Thumper

Plot: Help Thumper and Bambi find the butterfly.

Level 2: Bambi and the Meadow

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: Bambi explores the meadow, while taking care of the forest animal dummies along the way, then finds and plays tag with Faline.

Level 3: Man Attacks!

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: Escape Man before they shoot Bambi!

Level 4: To the Thicket!

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: Get to the thicket before it's too late!

Level 5: The Groundhog Meet

Playable character[s]: Bambi, Thumper

Plot: Explore the forest to find the spot where the Groundhog Ceremony will be held!

Level 6: Mother's Echo

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: What's that strange echo? Could it be Bambi's mother? Or not... Explore the forest again and then defeat the Deadly Machine! [Normal Level/Boss Battle]

Level 7: A Smelly Situation

Playable character[s]: Flower

Plot: Help Flower find the strange noise he's been hearing.

Level 8: Being Brave

Playable character[s]: Bambi, Thumper, Flower

Plot: Being brave is easy! Travel through the forest proving that the young forest animals are brave, then... Porcupine! Prove him that you can outsmart him, Bambi! [Normal Level/Boss Battle]

Level 9: Convincing Fawns

Playable character[s]: Faline, Bambi

Plot: Faline wants to know what's happened to his boyfriend, Bambi. Find out what, and then... ESCAPE RONNO!

Level 10: A Prince's Journey

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: Follow the Great Prince's footsteps in hopes that Bambi will warm up to him.

Level 11: Ronno's Tricks

Playable character[s]: Ronno

Plot: Ronno has heard that Bambi, his rival, is leaving with Mena. Find him and make your last rivalry with him! That is, if he's deciding he's not going back with his father.

Level 12: Dog Escape

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: The dogs have gone after Bambi! Escape those pesky pets of Man, or else you'll be mauled!

Level 13: Bambi's New Life

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: Use your new, trusty, budding antlers to get further in your trip to something beyond the forest's wildest dreams!

Level 14: Twitterpated Strikes

Playable character[s]: Bambi, Thumper

Plot: Explore the forest in your new style. But please try to not get twitterpated!

Level 15: Stag Fight

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: Defeat Ronno to see who will gain Faline's love. [Boss Battle]

Level 16: Man Attacks, Again!

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: The dogs want revenge on Bambi for outwitting them by going after her girlfriend, Faline! You've gotta save her, Bambi! All that, and then you've got to escape Man again!

Level 17: Final Machine Boss

Playable character[s]: Bambi

Plot: You may have escaped the forest fire, Bambi, but your worst nightmare has "come to life"! Even worse, the Really Deadly Machine has captured your future wife, Faline! Defeat your nightmare and save her with the help of your other forest friends before it gets you! [Final Boss Battle]

GBA Levels

DS Levels

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