BlazBlue X Everafter is a crossover fighting game which is played in a mix of BlazBlue & Ever After: Calamity Trigger.


BlazBlue Everafter Guests
Ragna the Bloodedge Red Riding Hood Sol Badguy
Jin Kisaragi Goldilocks Freed Velez
Iron Tager Gretel Ree
Noel Vermillion Miss Muffet Bell
Taokaka Rosie Mimi
Rachel Alucard Posie Ginger
Bang Shishigami Tom Thumb Scotsman
Litchi Faye Ling Jack Heart Aino
Arakune Jack Sprat Grim
Carl Clover Pinocchio Shiki Tohno


BlazBlue Everafter
Hakumen Puss in Boots
Hazama Dr. Crooked
Reilus Clover Humpty Dumpty

Final Boss: Big Bad Wolf


  • Ragna VS Red
  • Jin VS Jack
  • Noel VS Goldilocks
  • Iron Tager VS Gretel
  • Taokaka VS Rosie
  • Litchi VS Posie
  • Rachel VS Muffet
  • Bang VS Tom
  • Carl VS Pinocchio
  • Arakune VS Sprat
  • Hakumen VS Puss
  • Hazama VS Crooked
  • Reilus VS Humpty
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