• XeroSchnee20

    This is the first of the kid of the most infamous fanon game of the page. So i decided to make a small poll to decide what character can be added (this is going to be unnecesary since all the users can add their favourite character).

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  • Mr. Crabmeat

    Its been a while since I edited Gaming All-Stars, but you might have know some characters I will add in the feature but who should I add first?

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  • Mr. Crabmeat

    ​​​​​​Here is a thing, I want to see if you can rank the 35 classic Sonic zones from worst to best, (they are the zones from S1, S2, SCD, S3, and S&K. Boss only zones don't count.

    Here is mine, I ranked them based on their fun factor, level design, music, and annoyance. Anyway, this is mine.

    • 35. Carnival Night
    • 34. Wacky Workbench
    • 33. Metropolis
    • 32. Labyrinth
    • 31. Sandopolis
    • 30. Oil Ocean
    • 29. Marble Garden
    • 28. Marble
    • 27. Launch Base
    • 26. Collision Chaos
    • 25. Metallic Madness
    • 24. Hill Top
    • 23. Mystic Cave
    • 22. Tidal Tempest
    • 21. Quartz Quadrant
    • 20. Spring Yard
    • 19. Angel Island
    • 18. Aquatic Ruin
    • 17. Palmtree Panic
    • 16. Scrap Brain
    • 15. Casino Night
    • 14. Emerald Hill
    • 13. Hydrocity
    • 12. Sky Sanctuary
    • 11. Flying Battery
    • 10. Death Egg
    • 9. Mushroom Hill
    • 8. Sky Chase
    • 7. Wing Fortress
    • 6. Gre…

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  • Mr. Crabmeat
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  • Mr. Crabmeat

    Mario Kart Wii

    January 12, 2020 by Mr. Crabmeat

    I think its safe to say that Mario Kart Wii is so popular I think I have something in mind, a controversy meme.

    • Favorite Character
    • Despised Character
    • Overrated Character
    • Underrated Character
    • Favorite Vehicle
    • Despised Vehicle
    • Favorite Course
    • Despised Course
    • Overrated Course
    • Underrated Course
    • Favorite Item
    • Despised Item
    • Overrated Item
    • Underrated Item
    • Favorite Battle Course
    • Despised Battle Course
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  • XeroSchnee20

    Hello, i'm going to say three things that Super Smash Bros. 6 needs to have to appeal this community, the Fantendo community and many more.

    This game needs to have something that can improve and give a twist in and out of the combats. Something like air grabs, special-cancel, new mini games or many more

    I really wish we have more alternate color skins. More like 15-20 alternative colors.

    This would break the rules of the fanon game, but i'm thinking if dozens of video game characters are getting to this fanon game, why we not make a type of Fighter Pass with not video game characters. The only not cringeworthy choices that i imagined were Turok and maybe Cool Spot.

    And that's it, thanks fo reading this blog made by me.

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  • VideoGamer 234245

    Gaming All-Stars

    August 11, 2019 by VideoGamer 234245
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  • MV GMoe
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  • MariotheKing

    Hi guys. It's-a me, MariotheKing.

    I try to think of some custom moves for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Newcomers but I can't think of some for them. Can anyone give me a hand or two?

    Also, do you think of some Custom moves for Daisy, Ridley, Joker, Hero, Drifter and Yooka & Laylee?

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  • Jay Jay Viglirolo

    Comedy Central Racing is a crossover racing game.

    The game consists of 6 shows with 38 characters.

    Playable Characters:

    South Park: Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Butters Stotch, Wendy Testaburger, Randy Marsh

    Drawn Together: Captain Hero, Wooldoor Sockbat, Princess Clara, Foxxy Love, Toot Braunstein, Xandir P. Wifflebottom, Spanky Ham, Ling-Ling

    Reno 911!: Jim Dangle, Trudy Wiesel, Sven Jones, James Garcia, Clementine Johnson, Raineesha Williams, Travis Junior, Cherisha Kimball, Jack Declan, Frank Rizzo

    Crank Yankers: Special Ed, Spoonie Luv, Elmer Higgins, Hadassah Guberman, Niles Standish, Dick Birchum

    Strangers with Candy: Jerri Blank, Chuck Noblet, Onyx Blackman, Geoffrey Jellineck

    Dr Katz, Professional Therapist:…

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  • Burnt Brownie

    Hey does amybody know what happened to the a page called"Dong Dong Mever Die:Endless Challenge".The page was up a couple of days ago but when I got to it know I only get a"ERROR 404" message. Did it get deleted? If so then that is sad because I thought it was a cool idea and concept .

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  • QuitLookingAtMyUsername

    If you know some, come to this URL:

    Here at this wikia, you could make pages of existing bad characters you want to add. (NOTE: You can be admin if you ask me first.) 

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  • Thelonecommander20

    Game Ideas

    August 11, 2018 by Thelonecommander20

    This blog will contain all the game titles I plan on doing here, including descriptions for each of the games.

    List of chosen upcoming games (Titles may be Work in Progress):

    • Mass Effect VR
    • Wizarding World: Wands at the Ready
    • Red Dwarf: The Video Game - A sci-fi adventure centered around the british sci-fi comedy "Red Dwarf". Players get to create their own character as well as encounter a cast of familiar characters, explore many locations such as aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf and many more.
    • Grimm: The Video Game - Free roam fantasy game based on NBC's fantasy crime drama "Grimm". The player takes on the role of their own customisable Grimm who has been trained by Nick Burkhardt before beginning their own story in a new city.
    • Harry Potter & …

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  • Blurryrock

    In Killer Instinct Season 5, it will have 7 new (guest) characters. It is the fifth season of Killer Instinct (2013 video game).

    Here are the characters.

    • Keveo
    • Jacob
    • Star-Wisdom
    • Damora
    • Smokescream
    • Graveil
    • Hayate (Dead or Alive)
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  • Blitz0248

    Here are my DLC Guest Character Wishlist for some games.

    • John Cena (WWE Immortals)
    • Dante (Devil May Cry)
    • Red Hood (Jason Todd)
    • Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
    • Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
    • Cody Travers (Street Fighter/Final Fight)
    • Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
    • Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang/Mortal Kombat)
    • Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
    • Alien (Xenomorph)
    • Predator (Yatuja)
    • War Machine (Marvel Universe)
    • Robocop
    • Godzilla
    • Arthur (Ghosts’N Goblins)
    • Firebrand (Ghosts’N Goblins)
    • Lobo (DC Universe)
    • Deadpool (Marvel Universe)
    • Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto Shippuden)
    • Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)
    • Asura (Asura's Wrath)
    • Alex Mercer (Prototype)
    • Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
    • Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
    • Liquid Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid)
    • Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)
    • Colonel Radec (PS4 Exclusive/Ki…

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  • Blurryrock

    Here are my character wishlist for Season 3 of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite:

    • Star-Lord
    • Drax
    • Loki

    • Captain Silver
    • Asura
    • F.A.N.G
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  • Snitchpogi12

    Here are the list of characters will be part of my DA's summer 2018 collaboration.

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  • Blurryrock

    Here is my wishlist for Season 2 of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

    • Iron Fist
    • M.O.D.O.K.

    • Captain Commando
    • Chuck Greene
    • Necalli
    • M. Bison

    • Iron Fist: Immortal Costume
    • M.O.D.O.K: P.R.O.D.O.K. Costume

    • Captain Commando: Police Officer Costume
    • Chuck Greene: Dead Rising 3/Los Perdidos Costume
    • Necalli: SFV Story Outfit/Prophecy Costume
    • M. Bison: SFV Battle Outfit 1/Premium/Dictator Costume

    • Iron-Man: Infinity War Movie/Mark 50 Costume
    • Captain America: Infinity War Movie Costume
    • Winter Soldier: Infinity War Movie Costume
    • Captain Marvel: Major Carol Danvers Costume
    • Hulk: Gladiator Hulk Costume
    • Thor: Warrior Costume
    • Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange Movie Costume
    • Dormammu: Rorkannu Costume
    • Gamora: Infinity War Movie Costume
    • Black Panther: K'Shamba/2099 Costume
    • Black Widow: Infinit…

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  • Blitz0248

    My new games

    February 28, 2018 by Blitz0248

    Here are my new games:

    • Asphalt 9
    • Asphalt X (aka Asphalt 10)
    • Mega Man: Legends - Paradox
    • Resident Evil 8: The Final Chronicles
    • Street Fighter X Fatal Fury
    • Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2 (the movie game)
    • Justice League: The Movie Game
    • Justice League 2 (the movie game)
    • Darkstalkers 4
    • Fatal Fury (Reboot)
    • TimeSplitters (Reboot)
    • Just Cause 4
    • Thor: The Mighty Battle
    • Wolverine: The Videogame
    • Wonder Woman: Amazon Warriors
    • The Flash: Speed Racers
    • Ready Player One: The Videogame
    • Street Fighter VII
    • Street Fighter VIII
    • Call of Duty: Marine Warfare
    • Injustice Vs. Mortal Kombat: Two Worlds Collided
    • Suicide Squad: Deadly Ops
    • Killer Instinct 5
    • Killer Instinct 6
    • Call of Duty: WW1 (Aka Call of Duty: World War 1)
    • Blade: The Daywalker Strikes Again
    • Superman & Batman: The Wo…
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  • RetroGameFan9000

    Adopting this Wiki

    February 24, 2018 by RetroGameFan9000

    Hey guys, I'm planning to adopted the wiki since the last admin (GameGear360) edited in November 15, 2015 (February 18, 2017 in deletion log). Due to its users active editing on this wiki, I had to created blog post so I get the admin rights.

    If you have any comments about this, leave them below.

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  • Blitz0248

    In Killer Instinct Season 6, It will have Four new characters and Two new Guest Characters. It is the sixth and final season of Killer Instinct (2013 video game). Every Characters can now access for the Ultimates.

    Here are the characters:

    • Miec
    • Slamzer
    • Salina
    • True Tsar
    • Space Marine (from Doom)
    • Liu Kang (from Mortal Kombat)
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  • Snitchpogi12

    This is the SnitchPogi's 2017 new project for the wallpaper project similar to the last year, But at this time more characters & more vehicles are featured on this collaboration.

    In this collaboration features Some brand-new characters both Heroes & villains as well as Characters based on their Animated counterparts. Here's the list of Videogame (fanfic) project of mine:

    • Powerpuff Girls D: Battle for Earth - A Reboot of the original Battle in Megaville game features not six but rather 15+ Playable characters which includes Boomer & Butch of the Rowdyruffs where they're not assist characters anymore.
    • PPGD: Battle for Earth 2 - A second installment to Battle for Earth which includes 20 New more characters & enchanced gameplay which includes Assi…
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  • AmazingTLM

    I'm thinking about adopt this wiki. The admins have been inactive for 2 months or more. 

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  • Flamey2010


    April 6, 2017 by Flamey2010

    Hey, can we allow comments in Video Game Fanon? It will be boring with Talk Page and without Comments. So please allow Comments in Video Game Fanon

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  • Snitchpogi12

    Here's my new list for my DeviantArt christmas collaborations 2016. All listed for Part 1, 2 and 3.

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  • JustAlex93

    Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to TwinBee, as it is own by Konami. These OCs are made under the Fair Use Act.

    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 14
    • Height: 5'4
    • Weight: 125 lbs.
    • Blood Type: AB
    • Physical Appearance
      • Hair Color: Black
      • Eye Color: Green
      • Skin Tone: Pale
      • Clothing: An olive drab green pilot suit with a sleeve torn off and a plain white tee underneath, dark brown combat boots, and black metal-plated fingerless gloves
      • Other: Bandages around his right forearm and the upper left area of his face, covering his eye.
    • Personality: Serious, soft-spoken, proud. He also has a soft side for the defenseless and his beloved bee ship Cassi. He is also a formidable pilot with a cool cunning combined with fierce firepower.
    • Occupation: Pilot, defector from the Perilous Army
    • B…

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  • Snitchpogi12

    A Simple project a special tribute for Bleedman's PPGD webcomic series Powerpuff Girls D. 

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  • Snitchpogi12

    This 2016 I'll finally collaborate some characters of Bleedman's PPGD on Snafu here are the characters will be featured for the Character crossover collaboration. Part of 2016 5th Anniversary specials of PPGD.FC on facebook.

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  • Snitchpogi12

    AFP Arsenal

    April 9, 2016 by Snitchpogi12

    Here are the Equipment & Arsenals that used by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the Novel/Anime-fanon series GATE: The Philippine Front .

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  • Cpend7

    Hey everyone it's Colin which i was never been to this wiki from 4 years, so i have an new idea for an crossover video game from the famous Playstation platform that i have to create an Kingdom Hearts and Sly Cooper (with all four chapters in the Sly Cooper game) that it can use of Sora, Donald and Goofy is joined with Sly Cooper and his gang to stop the villains that their were work with Pete and the Heartless, but the name is kinda tricky to give an title so you can use to vote on Straw Poll of which name that it would be perfect. (but you can use about two or one votes)

    Sly Cooper series is belong to Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games.

    And Kingdom Hearts is belong to Square-Enix and Walt Disney.

    Update: Thursday 7, April 2016

    I have to Cancell…

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  • Snitchpogi12

    This is my 2016 project prior to revamp Bleedman's PPGD CHaracter chart in an Awesome way.

    The background is Here!

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  • Snitchpogi12

    Here's my Christmas collaboration of 2015 featured my favourate characters will see them in my DeviantArt

    • Song tribute: ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2015: "Thank You For The Love"

    Background see: HERE!

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  • Snitchpogi12


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  • Snitchpogi12

    PPGD Project 2015-2016

    October 14, 2015 by Snitchpogi12

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  • KingdomHearts123X789

    Super Fighting Climax is a video game that is similar of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax for the PS4 & PS3.

    1.Ragna The Bloodedge (Blazblue Series)

    2.Sora (Kingdom Hearts Series)

    3.Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)

    4.Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

    5.Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog)

    6.Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

    7.Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

    8.Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)

    9.Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

    10.Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto Shippuden)

    11.Dante (Devil May Cry)

    12.Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitousen)

    13.Kazuya Mishima (Tekken)

    14.Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

    15.Musubi (Sekerei) (Ignition Only)

    16.Inuyasha (Inuyasha) (Ignition Only)

    17.Yoh Asakura (Shaman King) (Ignition Only)

    18.Saber (Fate/Stay Night) (Ignition Only)

    19.Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) (Ignition …

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  • Snitchpogi12

    Here's my Finished collaboration.

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  • Snitchpogi12

    Here are the List of Megaville's finest Heroes & Other Super-Hero teams collaborated as the Fallen Heroes who died or Destroyed in the Battle of Megaville. A Fanfic-collaboration by Snitchpogi12.

    Must be edited on

    Must be on November 1 or 3 Update as part of Bleedman's tribute for Grim Tales comics.

    Tribute song:

    • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - MW3 End Credits - Theme Music
    • Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

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  • Snitchpogi12

    I decided to make my newest Version and to continue SoapMactavishTF141's Battle for Earth series but with a new so-called TWISTS. Yes! there will be still a BlossDex-pairing and BoomuBbles-pairing in this series!

    new background See the background Here.

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  • Mangelo212

    I Was assigned by SNitchpogi12 for his DeviantArt Project while he doing his Battle for Earth project.

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  • Snitchpogi12

    Project by: SoapmactavishTF141 and Snitchpogi12 (to be completed). Instead Soap will make the Crossover Snitchpogi12 will continue his works.

    Background character: PPGD Battle Universe by J8D.

    see: Battle Universe

    • PPGD Main menu
    • Character Selec Theme

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  • Gangster Beaks

    Ay Guys!

    May 11, 2015 by Gangster Beaks

    That's right, I'm back on the wiki as Gangster Beaks!

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  • Copyza123

    Yes it's mine!

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  • Copyza123

    This is my 1st blog I asked you what's your favorite rank,ship and ball? And I like space monkey ship , flying ace , eyeball and titanium.

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  • Snitchpogi12

    On this project i'll gonna make my Game fanon project but maybe someday it will become a game based on Bleedman's PPGD comic will someday PPGD comics will become ANIME and that'd be great!

    and Everything is AWESOME!

    PPGD: Battle for Earth or PPGD: Battle Universe is a fan-based Video game based on Snafu web-comic's series made by Vinson Ngo AKA Bleedman. The game was very inspired to the 2006 game PPGD: Battle in Megaville,Dengeki Bunko and SSB

    Publishers:  a joint Sega,Cartoon Network,Nickelodeon,Disney,Hasbro,Snafu-comics, and Kadokawa along with DC and Marvel for their HEROES and villains.

    Platforms: PlayStation 3,PS4, PlayStation Vita,X-BoX 360,X-Box ONE,Microsoft Windows (PC) and Android smartphones or Tablet PC's

    The 2D fighitng Game,the gam…

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  • Snitchpogi12

    PPGD project 2014-15

    November 9, 2014 by Snitchpogi12

    PPGD project for  2014-15.

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  • MegaToon1234

    I got some characters that will NEVER be in Elijah & All-Stars Smash Tourney.

    Here they are.:

    1. Wild Woody-He will be an assist trophy.
    2. Anything The Upside Down Show-related-Puppet will be an assist trophy too, while The Schmuzzies will be a trophy, and Shane and David's Living Room will be a stage.
    3. Dora the Explorer-She will be an sandbag.
    4. SB Tails, Knuckles, and Amy (Sonic BOOM!)-They'll be part of SB Sonic's Final Smash.
    5. Tom Bergeron (America's Funniest Home Videos/Real-life)-He will be an announcer.
    6. Turbo the Snail (Turbo/Turbo FAST)-He will be an assist trophy.
    7. 8-Bit Dedede (Kirby's Adventure)-He will be part of Kirby's Side B.
    8. 16-Bit Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country (video game))-He will be an assist trophy.
    9. Johnny Test-He will be a boss for Stor…
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  • RandomUser24

    You got Rick Rolled! I don't hate this wiki anymore! I just joined it!

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  • MegaToon1234

    Today, I'll show you a fighting game called Very Super Smash-maniacs. Lemme show you the cast.

    • Chocolate Fish (SpongeBob SquarePants)
    • Dat Seal (Creature Comforts) (Episode 1: Now, Let's Begin!)
    • Cool Spot (7*Up Commercials)

    • Zoboomafoo
    • Crash (Crash & Bernstein)
    • Consome Panchi (Calbee)

    • Mike & Sulley (Monsters Inc.) (Episode 1: Now, Let's Begin!)
    • Reggie (Free Birds)
    • President "Dennis Hopper" Koopa (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)

    • Mr. Bollox (Supermariologan)
    • BitF Dedede (Brawl in the Family)
    • Wilford Brimley (Quaker Commercials (Maybe?)) (Episode 1: Now, Let's Begin!)

    • Vacuum Luigi (Luigi's Mansion)
    • Prism Break (Skylanders) (Episode 1: Now, Let's Begin!)
    • Mario Head (Mario Teaches Typing 2)

    • Kirby & Yoshi (The Adventures of Kirby & Yoshi) (Episode 1: Now, Let's Begin…

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  • KingdomHearts123X789

    Anime All Star Fighter is a video game that is similar of Super Smash Bros. for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 & PS3

    • 1.Edward Elric
    • 2.Alphonse Elric
    • 3.Ragna The Bloodedge
    • 4.Dante
    • 5.Marcus Damon and Agumon
    • 6.Naruto Uzumaki
    • 7.Ichigo Kurosaki
    • 8.Zero Kiryu
    • 9.Karuga Tsuchimiya
    • 10.Yomi Isayama
    • 11.Orihime Inoue
    • 12.Queen Arrancar (Who is Orihime Inoue when Aizen gives her Hōgyoku)
    • 13.George Yazumi-Main Character (My Dream Anime Character. He's the Reincarnation of Sora)
    • 14.Sora
    • 15.Riku
    • 16.Roy Mustang
    • 17.Xion
    • 18.Hazama
    • 19.Shana
    • 20.Scar
    • 21.Sōsuke Aizen
    • 22.Mei
    • 23.Terra
    • 24.Ash Ketchum
    • 25.Tsubaki Yayoi
    • 26.Makoto Nanaya
    • 27.Brock
    • 28.Riza Hawkeye
    • 29.Noel Vermillion
    • 30.Thomas H. Norstein and Gaomon
    • 31.Sailor Moon
    • 32.Mu-12
    • 33.Laharl
    • 34.Sasuke Uchiha
    • 35.Sonic The Hedgehog
    • 36.Haku-Man
    • 37.Ventus
    • 38.A…

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  • KingdomHearts123X789

    Dreamworks All-Stars Battle Royale is a video game for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 & PS3

    • 1.Shrek (Shrek)
    • 2.Donkey (Shrek)
    • 3.Princess Fiona (Shrek)
    • 4.Puss in Boots (Shrek/Puss in Boots)
    • 5.Kitty Softpaws (Puss in Boots)
    • 6.Susan Murphy/Ginormica (Monsters vs Aliens)
    • 7.B.O.B (Monsters vs Aliens)
    • 8.The Missing Link (Monsters vs Aliens)
    • 9.Dr. Cockroach (Monsters vs Aliens)
    • 10.Miguel and Tulio (The Road To El Dorado
    • 11.Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon)
    • 12.Barry B. Benson (Bee Movie)
    • 13.Eep Crood (The Croods)
    • 14.Guy (The Croods)
    • 15.Po (Kung Fu Panda)
    • 16.Tigress (Kung Fu Panda)
    • 17.Alex the Lion (Madagascar)
    • 18.Marty the Zebra (Madagascar)
    • 19.Melman the Giraffe (Madagascar)
    • 20.Gloria the Hippo (Madagascar)
    • 21.Rocky (Chicken Run)
    • 22.Megamind (Megamind)
    • 23.Metro Man (Megami…

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