Brave's Quest is a video game for the 3DS, Ds, Gamecube, N64, Wii, Wii U, PC/Mac, PSP, PS2, and the PS3 by FanTendo. There is different gameplay and levels in each different console. It was originally for the 3DS. It is based of a character named Brave who lives in a dry land of Arhas. One day in Arhas, an evil wizard mysteriously appears in the Overworld Commons. He does not speak, and stays there for 3 days in the middle of the Overworld Commons. Brave is an average citizen of Arhas. He thinks the wizard is acting very suspicious, so he goes into an underground bunker that is in his house's basement that has not been used in years. None of the other citizens took caution of the wizard. Now, on the 4th day that the wizard was there, at dawn so everyone was asleep, he slowly and quietly hovered upward in the air. All of a sudden, silent water flowed from all directions to the center of Arhas(where the wizard was standing). Arhas was flooded. This had never happened before. The wizard vanished. Later that day, Brave woke up. The bunker's door was closed, so it had not flooded. He got up and opened up the door, letting water come in the bunker. Brave had never seen this much water in one place before, so he investigated. HERE THE GAMEPLAY BEGINS. Gameplay coming soon.

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