CN: MG is a video game for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS & 3DS.


Super Finn

Super Finn Is The Transformed Version Of The Main Character Of Adventure Time, Finn. He is Equipped With An Über Mask. The Mask Can Allow Him To Use Fire-Based Attacks Like Throwing Meteors And Superhuman Strength.

Speed Gumball

Speed Gumball Is the transformed version of Gumball Watterson. He is equipped with a blue speed suit and a red headband. In the game, Gumb-Speed Uses His abiltys To Batter Enemies. His Abilites are Sonic Kick, Super Jumps, And Super Speed.

J Bravo

J Bravo is the transformed version of Johnny Bravo. he is equipped with a orange cape. His abitlys are his Super Jump, his Space-Cycle, & His K.A.R.A.T.E..

Ultimate Jake

Ultimate Jake is the transformed version of Jake. he dosen't have equippment but he has green skin. he still has his abilitles from the show. (Like become giant, transform his hands, and stuff.)


M-Cai is the transformed version of Mordecai. he is equipped with a lazer beam and a red cape. his abitlys is to shoot lazers and do other stuff.


R-By is the transformed version of Rigby. he is eqqipped with a Boxing Glove-like tail & yellow wrist bands. his abiltys is to punch enimes with his tail and launce lazers from his wrist band.



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