Cartoon Network ULIMATE Slamdown is a Fighting Game for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo DS, & Nintendo 3DS.


After years of visiting each other's world ( video games, anyway...), the CN Characters decide to throw a fighting tournament on Cartoon Temple, located at the center of the multiverse, to see who the best hero is. With the help of the Classic Cartoon Characters, they make the tournament more intersting when they get their hands on mysterious ancient artifacts known as the Jewels of Toonyantec. These strange, sparkling, blue, and floating treasures help the combatants get a boost of power. With enough of these, they can unleash incrediblebursts of energy that they call a "Slamdown" which the fighters use a attacks in the tournament and also vary in size and shape of fit their personalites.

Unifortunately, numerous villains from numerous worlds hear about this ancient power that's been discovered and, as expected, crash the tournament to claim it for themselves. The countless Toonyantec Jewls are soon scattered throughtout the mutiverse and the chase is soon on to recover them before they fall into the wrong hands... Or at the very least, use them to beat up the bad guys that those wrong hands are attached to!


  • Finn

More to come!


  • Candy Kingdom
  • Finn's Treehouse


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