Cartoon Network Vs. SNK is a crossover fighting game for Playstation consoles, Xbox 360 & Nintendo consoles.


Playstation Consoles

  1. Playstation Network
  2. Time Attack (PS Vita Only)

Xbox 360

Xbox Live

Nintendo Consoles

  1. Nintendo Wi-Fi
  2. Portable Saga (3DS Only)

Mini Games

Demo:Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL

How Unlocked?

By 1 Win With Blossom And Rex

Demo:King Of Fighters XIII

How Unlocked?

By 1 Win With Iori And Mai


Cartoon Network  SNK Playmore
Ben Kyo
Kevin Iori
Gwen Leona
Blossom Mai
Bubbles Yuri
Buttercup Athena (Pyscho Soldier)
Rex Ryo
Six Terry
Finn Kim
Mojo Jojo Geese


Cartoon Network SNK Playmore
Grim Rock
Samurai Jack Haohmaru
Gumball K'
Dexter Ash
Dee Dee Kula

Cartoon Network Vs SNK 2:Extreme Fighters

Cartoon Network SNK Playmore
Johnny Bravo Maxima
Ed Edd n Eddy Mr.Big
Johnny Test


Him Rugal
Demongo Orochi
Dark Blossom Orochi Iori
Flapjack Mars People
Number 4 Shen Woo

Ultimate Cartoon Network Vs SNK 2

Cartoon Network SNK Playmore
Mandark Billy (Fatal Fury)
Billy (TGAOB&M) Joe
Fionna Vice
T.O.M 3.0 Clark
Hyper Blossom (Hidden) Eri (Hidden)


  1. Vilgax (Sub-Boss Of Cartoon Network)
  2. Shoe & Kahn Rebirth (Sub-Boss Of SNK)
  3. The Lich (Secret Of Cartoon Network)
  4. Athena (Athena) (Secret Boss Of SNK)
  5. Tv Remoted Rugal (Final Boss)

Hidden Characters

  1. Cure Blossom
  2. Dante
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