Cartoon Network X Nintendo Royal Rumble is a game similar to MVC, but with characters from Cartoon Network and Nintendo. It's exclusive for Wii U and 3DS. An ehanched version, Cartoon Network X Nintendo DX is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch.


Cartoon Network Nintendo
Finn Mario 
Gumball Donkey Kong
Mordecai Link
Ben 10 Kirby
Billy & Mandy Pikachu
Chowder Ness
Flapjack Captain Falcon
Courage Samus
Johnny Bravo Fox
Dexter Peach
Blossom Zelda 
Numbuh 1 Yoshi
Ed Luigi
Mac & Bloo Olimar
Steven Universe Marth
Samurai Jack Jigglypuff
Ami & Yumi Roy
Generator Rex Rosalina & Luma
Rigby Inkling
Bubbles Meta Knight
Princess Bubblegum Lucas
Buttercup Zero Suit Samus
Marceline  Pit
Jake  Falco
Darwin  Palutena
Grim Sheik
Kevin Levin Diddy Kong
Vilgax  Bowser
Ice King Ganondorf
Mojo Jojo  Medusa


Cartoon Network Nintendo
Gwen Tennyson Dixie Kong
Scotsman Ike
Eddy Lucario
Mandark Wolf
Father Masked Man
Nergal  King K. Rool

New characters in DX version

Cartoon Network Nintendo
K.O. Spring Man
Enid Ribbon Girl
Uncle Grandpa Azura
Prohyas Warrior Shulk
Young Ben Toon Link
Black Hat Wario


  • The Announcer's TV Remote
  • Master Hand
  • Crazy Hand
  • Giga Bowser
  • Ridley
  • Gigyas
  • King Boo
  • Beast Ganon
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