Cartoon Network X Toei is a fighting game with Cartoon Network and Toei characters for Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.


Cartoon Network Toei
Ben Tennyson Goku
Blossom Cure Blossom
Grim Kamen Rider Kiva
Bubbles Kamen Rider Ixa
Buttercup Kintaros
Dexter Momotaros
Gumball Ryuutaros
Finn & Jake Kamen Rider Decade
Mordecai Kamen Rider Diend
Samurai Jack Shinken Gold


Cartoon Network Toei
Cow & Chicken Kamen Rider Den-O
Zack Saturday Kamen Rider NEW Den-O
Ed Edd N Eddy Gokai Sliver
Juniper Lee Gokai Blue
Johnny Bravo Red Buster
Rigby Cure Sunny

Ultimate Cartoon Network X Toei

Cartoon Network Toei
Generator Rex Blue Buster
Steven Universe Yellow Buster
Gwen Tennyson Sailor Moon
Mac & Bloo Pero
Numbuh One Tuxedo Mask
Kevin Levin Stag Buster


(1st) Aku
(2nd) Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto
(Final) Dr.Gray

Secret Characters

RWBY Ever After
Ruby Rose Red Riding Hood
Weiss Schnee Goldilocks
Blake Belladonna Gretel
Yang Xiao Long Miss Muffet


Like A UMVC3

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