The Cerebrus Breech is a wireless, virtual reality-based home console. Unlike the Oculus Rift or any contemporary virtual reality systems, the Cerebrus Breech is transmitted via wireless technology and it utilizes two controllers, one is for the hand and one is for the foot. However, it lacked tracking sensors, similar to how the Rift and the Vibe does, but uses a wireless transmitter to translate the room's coordinates into the map's coordinates.

The Cerebrus Breech also includes two games released at launch, one is a dungeon-based RPG game and one is a city-building simulator (City Planner 3000).

The Cerebrus Breech was discontinued in 2016, due to the lack of success.


Games for the Cerebrus Breech are distributed in DVD-DL format and in digital format.

Due to the virtual reality in nature, the Cerebrus Breech only offers a few games in physical format, while most games for this system can be downloaded via an application store made for this system.


In 2016, the Cerebrus Breech was discontinued, due to the fact that they're not successful at selling their game console. After the discontinuation, former employees who developed the Cerebrus Breech were headed to the development of a new virtual reality game system.


While many people knew that it was a wireless alternative to the Oculus Rift, some people said that why there are only a few games that are released on physical media for this system, while others liked the software library for this system.

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