The Colosseum Tournament Network (also known as CTN or just Colosseum for short) is a third-party eSports-based online gaming network developed and maintained by Stadium CGP. It had first went online in the early 2010s.


The Colosseum Tournament Network is a multiplayer gaming service developed with competitive gaming in mind. Originally, it was developed for PC and Mac OS X gamers, but soon started expanding to video game consoles.

It has a currency system, known as D-Coins, which can be won in player match-ups and online tournament events. D-Coins in larger increments can also be obtained by purchasing and redeeming D-Coin Cards. D-Coins can be spent on backgrounds and text fonts for a player's customizable profile page. Certain achievements can also award D-Coins. Some tournament events happen in real life, where physical prizes are awarded to winning players, as well as having large D-Coin awards added to their accounts.

Signing up on the CTN is a cinch, since it's free. There are also no monthly fees, so that even inexperienced players wouldn't feel left out.


  • Head-to-head match-making system based on players' skill level
  • Anti-cheat algorithms
  • Profanity filter
  • Customizable profile pages
  • Optimization for both computers and 8th generation game consoles
  • Level-up system based on accumulated wins
  • Consistently updated news bulletins

Compatible Game Consoles

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Compatible Games

See List of compatible games for Colosseum Tournament Network for details


CTN became popular for those not wanting to pay monthly subscription fees on other gaming networks of the time, and it wasn't long before a demand for a version for gaming consoles was made.

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