Curious the yellow dinosaur is a 2007 video game for the Nintendo DS, Playstation 2, Gameboy Color, and Nintendo DSi. The game is rated E for everyone.


Curious Mal Herbivore is a yellow brontosaurus and he is one of the last survivors of the dinosaur race. He lives on an island called Hussle island. An elderly and wise wizard named Dereko a good friend of Curious is kidnapped and his island was destroyed by a man called King Joe and his hechmen. Curious is heartbroken and goes on a long trek to find Dereko and put a halt to the evil plans of King Joe. He journeys and journeys looking for Dereko. One day he is on an old pirate ship and tries to destroy King Joes ship but then his ship is blown up and his crewmates are all dead and hes the only survivor but he lost one of his toes. Hes washed up in a place called the kingdom of Burn. King Joe is hiding in there somewhere and he still has Dereko. So Curious goes in an abandoned castle and accidentally falls into an old dungeon where he meets a human boy named Joseph Wash and an anteater named Arnold who team up with him so he can battle King Joe and save Dereko. They escape the dungeon and go off to put a halt to King Joes evil plans. They eventually find King Joe and they battle him. He was losing the battle and he was very arrogant. He didn't want to lose to Curious so he committed suicide by jumping into a firey hot lava pit and disentegrating. They save Dereko and then live on the kingdom of Burn.

Playable characters





Unlockable Characters

King Joe


Giant Minotaur


Level 1

Play as Curious and go find the potion Dereko made which is in an old creepy cellar.

Level 2

Play as Curious and race in cars against Curious's rivals.

Level 3

Play as Dereko and fight minotaurs that threatened to kill Curious.

Level 4

Play as Curious and save Dereko from the sea serpent.

Level 5

Play as Curious and fight King Joes henchmen.

Level 6

Play as Curious and fight King Joes pirate ship.

(There are many more levels to this game but it would take too long to write about it.)