Delivery Boy is an advergaming game from In n Out. The game is for the SEGA Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 7800, and Atari 2600. You play as a teenage boy and deliver burgers on your bike all over the city.


When first beginning your delivery your boss gives you a map on where to go. You ride on a bike and be carful of cars or obstecles because if you crash alot then you don't get paid alot when the costumer pays you. If you don't crash and give the burger to the costumer then you get alot of money. With your money you can trick out your bike and some other things you can do in the game is do activities and find lost objects to residents so you can get a reward. Most of the levels you ride your bike and some levels you deliver the burgers without your bike.


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A great advergaming game to play

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The next great advergaming game

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