Dig Champs is a game released on March 17, 1992 and was for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game goes up to two players. The game is a side-scrolling game and the characters are identical brothers. There are many levels in the game and the backround and enemies change every level. The game is also 8-bit


When you begin the game a catchy 8-bit song appears until you press start. After you press start there is two buttons to choose 1 player or 2 player. If you choose 1 player you can play as the game with the shovel or the pickaxe. If you choose 2 player mode your player can either play as the two men. The music in the levels are changed every level. There is not alot of bosses in the game, and some bosses can be bigger each boss battle. After passing a level a screen shows up showing the name and a picture snalls

butts poop buttkick buttzland


Desert: Enemies- Scorpians

Valley: Enemies- Wolves

Forest: Enemies- Bears

Beach: Enemies- Hermit Crabs

Underground: Enemies- Worms- Boss: Mega Worm

Mountains: Enemies- Cougars

Tundra: Enemies- Polar Bears

Rainforest: Enemies- Panthers

Canyon: Enemies- Deer- Boss: Devil Deer

Island: Enemies- Mongooses

Cave: Enemies- Bats

Ocean (on a boat): Enemies: Dolphin

Mine: Enemies- Moles Final Boss- Giant Mole


The game has postive reviews.

8-bit Magic

This game is awsome it dosen't get a 10 but it deserves a 9.6/10.

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