Donkey Kong Country: The Return of Kaptain Skurvy is an action-adventure video game based on the animated TV series, Donkey Kong Country. The GameCube and Wii versions were developed by Radical Entertainment. The Game Boy Advance and DS versions were developed by Vicarious Visions.


Today's the annual Future Ruler Birthday Celebration, honoring the future ruler of Kongo Bongo, Donkey Kong. Inside the cabin, Cranky is tired and tells Diddy and Candy to get some supplies and invite DK's friends over.

Meanwhile, K. Rool finds a book called, "How to Get Rid of All Ape-Kind," as Klump and Krusha come in and tells him it's his birthday, which is the same birthday as DK's. K. Rool makes a plan to creat a weapon to get rid of the apes and Donkey Kong and become ruler of Kongo Bongo Island.

DK, sleeping inside his hut wakes up and sees the calander that it's his birthday. DK rushes and gets up to the rescue as he goes to the forest and fight the giant Kremling boss, Bongo. After the fight, DK finally got to Cranky's cabin as his friends, Diddy, Cranky, Candy, Dixie, Bluster, Funky and Eddie the Yeti surprises and shout "Happy birthday, Donkey Kong!". Donkey Kong was so happy and gets his wish for a million bananas, video games and a complete collection of Monkey Hero action figures as the Crystal Coconut summons everything he wished. DK calls it the best birthday after all. Cranky brings DK an ice statue. DK was surprised and thanks Cranky.

In the deserted island, Kutlass and Green Kroc are piling up fish boxes for repairing the ship. Polly Roger comes in and tells his old friends, Skurvy, Kutlass and Green Kroc he was on King K. Rool's side for too long and asks if he can be on Skurvy's side. Hearing this, Skurvy said that K. Rool is back to steal his birthright, and asks Kutlass what today it is. Kutlass answers, "November 21st", the birthday of K. Rool, and Donkey Kong. Skurvy joins the crew, and Polly along on the ship to get the coconut.

Inside the hut, DK and Diddy are relaxing, until they see that Skurvy, his crew, and Polly Roger are about to steal the Crystal Coconut. The two heroes leave the hut and find Cranky's cabin.

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