DragonQuest Spells is a video game on the Nintendo DS. It is a spin off of the DragonQuest game series like DragonQuest monsters joker, DragonQuest swords, and Dragonquest heroes rocket slime.


At the beginning of the game you name the hero like in most DragonQuest games. You can't customize your character but you can choose their gender. In this game the hero is the pupil of a wizard named Slode. They live with Slode in a poor but peaceful and beautiful village called Dunbar Village. Slode the hero's master was taught magic by the great wizard Merlin. But when Merlin goes missing the hero goes on a quest and travels all around the world fighting monsters and looking for Merlin. The main villain in the game and who the hero must defeat is the evil giant dragon called The Dragon Lord. Things in the game make things seem like The Dragon Lord captured Merlin. It is a mystery throughout the game what has happened to Merlin. But at the end of the game it is revealed what really happened to Merlin. It is revealed that Merlin really is the Dragon Lord and that he was the heir of an ancient Dragon ruler.