DreamWorks Battle Royale is a new DreamWorks game for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and the newest console Party Mode


The DreamWorks Universe is controlled by the DreamWorks Moon. The DreamWorks Moon Boy, the moon's guardian, keeps the universe in check. But suddenly, the moon is corrupted by a strange purple energy. The Moon Boy is horrified, and tries to stop it, but is easily overpowered and the DreamWorks Moon is destroyed. As a result, the Moon Boy loses his powers, and escapes into hiding. He watches helplessly as his moon fragments are scattered all over the DreamWorks worlds. 

One of the moon's fragments goes into the Shrek universe. by this time, Shrek, after getting some exercise, discovers the moon fragment, and discovers the sky turning purple for some weird reason. He is suddenly ambushed by Donkey, who's become strangely evil for some reason. Shrek fights Donkey, and restores him to normal. Donkey said he was trying to find Fiona, then he saw a strange burst of purple energy fly by, and that was all he remembered [apart from when a black lightning bolt struck him, turning him evil].  

They get on Dragon and follow the strange purple cloud to Far Far Away. They discover the street is in chaos, as there are huge purple energy spikes trashing the city, corrupting the knights, and on top of all that, Puss in Boots is also corrupted, and is acting strangely. Shrek & Donkey free Puss from the corruption, and the three of them deal with the dark energy spikes in Far Far Away. Prince Charming appears, and after a battle, says he's captured Fiona, and says that if Shrek wants her back, he will have to come to the Dragon's Keep to rescue her.  

Believing this to be a case of 'deja vu', Shrek, Donkey, and Puss, arrive at the Keep, fighting the enemies and eventually make it to the highest room in the tallest tower, but Fiona isn't there. Charming says it was all a set-up, and traps them, asking the Cyclops to deal with them. the heroes defeat the Cyclops, but Prince Charming escapes.  

Suddenly, the heroes notice that the world is breaking up, but fortunately, Moon Boy shows up and uses what's left of his power to save Shrek, Donkey, and Puss. He retrieves the Moon fragment from Shrek, saying a strange force has destroyed his moon, and without it, the DreamWorks worlds will be destroyed, and the characters of those worlds will be erased from history. Donkey and Puss agree to help recover the missing fragments, as does Shrek [albeit reluctantly], saying he also has to find Fiona. The Moon Boy sends them to the Madagascar universe.  

On the island of Madagascar, They encounter Alex, who is escaping his friend Marty, who has been corrupted. The heroes, along with Alex, free him, and he joins the heroes. They meet Skipper in the jungle, and fight their way through the witches and knights, all the way to the plane, where they fly to Africa, and head to the watering hole, and there, they defend Melman and Gloria from a bunch of Knights, Animal Control Officers, and Hazmat Elves. After beating the enemies, the heroes recover another moon fragment, and, with, Alex, Marty, and Skipper on the team, leave, as the universe is corrupted.    

The next universe is the Shark Tale universe. To help them, Moon Boy uses some of his magic power to make them able to breathe and move normally underwater. Oscar, the fish, asks the heroes for help in finding his girlfriend Angie. they head through Reef City, and when they find her, they find her held prisoner by Tighten, and after a fight, Angie is saved, but Tighten escapes. Lenny the shark arrives to tell the heroes that strange creatures have invaded his dad's home, and he needs their help to get rid of them, mentioning a strange blue rock. Shrek, realizing that is the moon fragment, agrees, thinking Fiona will be there as well. Lenny takes the heroes toward the ship. they fight through the ship, and make it into the main part of the lair. Fiona isn't there, but Tighten is, and this time he has help; a corrupted RJ. They fight them and free RJ and reclaim the fragment, but Tighten escapes, as do the heroes, including Oscar, as the Shark Tale universe is corrupted.    

The Moon Boy uses some more power on Oscar, allowing him to walk, fight, and breathe outside of water. The heroes set out to the next world - Suburbia, in the Over the Hedge universe. They clear out the enemies in the suburb, and the amusement park [also dealing with Tighten as well]. Prince Charming appears, and is furious with Tighten for failing, saying the boss will be annoyed with him. But before Shrek can voice about the 'boss', the villains leave, but not before Charming says that if he wants to see Fiona again, he has to go to Vincent's mountain. Donkey is worried, and warns Shrek that it could be a trap, but Shrek has no choice if he wants to rescue Fiona. The heroes get to Vincent's mountain, and Donkey's guess is proved correct: it was a trap Charming and Tighten planned. They order Vincent to destroy the heroes. The heroes defeat Vincent and recover the next fragment, but Charming and Tighten trap the heroes in a rocket cage and blast them to their doom, but Puss sabotages the rocket with his sword and the rocket blows up, with Donkey, RJ, Alex, and Skipper getting seperated in the process. The others and the fragment are saved by Moon Boy.    

Donkey, RJ, Alex, and Skipper crashland in the Monsters vs Aliens universe, where they meet and fight a corrupted The Missing Link attacking the aliens on San Francisco. After freeing him, The Missing Link offers to help the heroes, and they race through the city, fighting off the aliens, and the mutant pumpkins & carrots. They get beamed up by Gallaxhar, who has a moon fragment in his spaceship. the heroes fight Gallaxhar and beat him, reclaiming the fragment, and escape as the MvA world is corrupted.        

Meanwhile, Shrek, Oscar, Marty, and Puss have headed to the Island of Berk, in the How to Train Your Dragon universe. They meet Hiccup, and with his help, fight off the enemies in Berk. Hiccup discovers a strange evil inside Dragon Island. Shrek decrees he will go take out Charming if he's there, but Marty plans to do the same thing, as well as Puss and Oscar. Hiccup decides the fairest thing to do is for them all to fight, including himself, in a battle to decide who will go to Dragon Island and deal with the strange energy. The winner of the fight confronts Charming, who has put a Hideous Zippleback under mind control, which that person defeats, then reclaims another moon fragment, and leaves as the Island of Berk is corrupted.        

both groups meet up, and return both their moon fragments to Moon Boy. Next they go to New Hive City, in the Bee Movie universe. There, Shrek discovers Fiona, except she's been corrupted, and is working for Charming. In fury, Shrek challenges Prince Charming and his corrupted wife to a battle. After the battle, Fiona is freed [with no memory of what had happened], and as the heroes explain what is going on to her, Charming escapes, and Shrek, now with Fiona, set off through New Hive City, fighting off enemies, and through the Honex Factory. They then encounter a corrupted Barry B Benson, and he joins the team after freeing him, but then they get ambushed by Tai Lung. The heroes beat him, recover the next moon fragment, and leave as New Hive City is corrupted.        

They next head to the Valley of Peace, in the Kung Fu Panda universe, and after defeating a corrupted Po, help him and the Furious Five deal with the enemies in the valley. They get a call from Gongmen City, that monsters are attacking. the heroes head to the city, and upon beating the enemies, discover it was all a diversion, to keep the heroes far away from the moon fragment, which was back at Shifu's temple. Tighten shows up, and plans to zap Fiona and re-corrupt her again, but Shrek takes the blow and is corrupted instead. after the heroes free him, they head back to Shifu's temple, and defeat Tighten again, but despite recovering the fragment, the heroes ended up in another trap - and they are launched out of the Valley of Peace, and into danger, but Mr Peabody & Sherman, who were travelling in the WABAC, rescue them, but Tighten appears, and corrupts them, but Shrek and the others defeat them and restore them to normal.                        

with their help, they recover the fragments in the Rise of The Guardians and The Croods universes [also defeating Makunga, as well as freeing a corrupted Jack Frost and Grug along the way]. The last fragment is found in Metro City, in the Megamind universe. They meet Megamind, and after defeating Charming and Tighten in the Metro Man Museum, Roxanne Ritchie explains that she has the last fragment in a safe. but the Doom Syndicate has stolen the 3 keys to the safe. The heroes help Megamind defeat the villains and recover the last fragment. Megamind joins the heroes and promises Roxanne he'll be back.                        

they return to Moon Boy and return the remaining moon fragments to him. The moon is restored. But then Moon Boy laughs evilly, claiming his plan was perfect, and reveals his true self, an evil mastermind called Dr Disruptor. He reveals his plan was to destroy the moon, and scatter it's fragments all over the universe, and disguise himself as Moon Boy, so that the heroes could gather the fragments for him, and he plans to corruptify the moon, and destroy the universes, and then take over the world. The heroes are quickly captured, and thrown into the Cat in the Hat universe. Charming and Tighten are sent to make sure the heroes don't return... alive.                        

the heroes fight their way through The Mother of All Messes, and defeat Charming and Tighten, the last battle being both of them at once. But then, Quinn appears in his machine, and the heroes soon defeat him. The heroes soon return to the DreamWorks Moon, only to find that Dr Disruptor has corrupted it, and will now create a mass corruption, destroying the universes. The heroes are captured, but are quick to discover Dr Disruptor betraying Prince Charming and Tighten, and putting them in the cage, alongside the heroes. They all discover the real Moon Boy, trapped in another cage, an the last of his energy is being used to power Dr Disruptor's corrupted moon.                        

Suddenly, without warning, the cages are broken, and the heroes, and Moon Boy, are rescued. they discover the rescuer is Agent Classified, from the Penguins of Madagascar film. Dr Disruptor is furious, and now the heroes, alongside Charming, Tighten, and Classified, fight the evil Dr Disruptor to save their worlds. The heroes emerge victorious, but Dr Disruptor is not defeated. He plans to recorrupt the moon and destroy the world, but Moon Boy captures him and breaks his corrupted jewel, where his corrupting power comes from. Without his power, Dr Disruptor explodes, with his corruption vanishing all over the universes. The Moon is de-corrupted, and Moon Boy gets his full power back. He restores the universes to normal, and the heroes all return home. Everything is finally back to normal in the DreamWorks universes... well, as normal as they are, at least.                        


the characters have 6 palette swaps; their normal form, 4 other palette swaps, corrupted colours [link] , and their unlockable costume that can be bought in the shop [Consoles only, excluding the Switch].

*-character is not playable in the 3DS version of the game, but appears as an assist.


Image Character Film series Super Attack Special Moves Palette Swaps Unlockable Costume
Shrek-Forever-After-Foto-Dal-Film-20 mid.jpg
Shrek Shrek Do The Roar: Shrek lets out an incredibly loud roar forward in the direction he's facing, launching anyone in it's way off the screen Neutral Special: Punch

Side Special: shoulder charge

Up Special: uppercut

Down Special: fart

Shrek's tunic changes colour.

normal: beige

Alt 1: orange

alt 2: Blue

alt 3: black

alt 4: yellow

Regal Attire Shrek
Donkey from Shrek.jpg
Donkey Shrek Dronkey Swarm: Donkey summons his dronkey babies to attack the fighters Neutral Special: charge

Side Special: Burro Blast

Up Special: Donkey Flip

Down Special: stomp

Donkey wears a cover similar to one of his Super Slam Costumes for his Palette Swaps.

normal: No cover

alt 1: red

alt 2: royal Blue

alt 3: forest green

alt 4: white

Dragon Disguise Donkey
Puss in Boots.jpg
Puss in Boots Shrek/Puss In Boots Cute Kitty: Puss drops his guard and shows his cute side, charming his opponents into submission, leaving them open to attack. Neutral Special: Charged Sword

Side Special: lunge

Up Special: sword jump

Down Special: counter

Puss' hat and boots change colour.

normal: black

alt 1: Blue

alt 2: green

alt 3: Red

alt 4: White

Cowboy Puss
Oscar Shark Tale Shark Attack: Fierce sharks zoom around the stage and attack everyone except Oscar. Neutral Special: Broom lunge

Side Special: roll

Up Special: swim

Down Special: slide

Oscar's body changes colour.

normal: normal look

red: Angie colors

Alt 2: Ernie and Bernie colors

alt 3: monochrome [black, white, gray]

alt 4: Sykes' colors

Sharkslayer Oscar
Alex Madagascar Trapeze Americano: Alex swings in on a trapeze, with jets on his feet, and launches anyone he hits into the air. Neutral Special: Roar

Side Special: Claw lunge

Up Special: Spin Jump

Down Special: pounce

Alex's fur changes colour.

normal: golden yellow

alt 1: Blue

alt 2: green

alt 3: Makunga colors

Alt 4: Ceremonial Patterns

Ringmaster Alex
RJ Over the Hedge Hole In One: RJ charges up a huge golf ball that explodes and sends a blast of golf balls everywhere, blasting everyone. also the words 'Nice Shot!' appear too. Neutral Special: Golf Serve

Side Special: Golf Swing frenzy

Up Special: Golf Flip

Down Special: Spin

RJ wears a different hat for his alternate colours.

normal: no hat

alt 1: Firefighter hat

alt 2: Wizard Hat

alt 3: Chef's hat

alt 4: Princess Hat

RJ in Verne's Shell
Hiccup httyd 2.jpg
Hiccup How To Train Your Dragon Night Fury: Hiccup summons Toothless and jumps onto his back. After the clip, the player can control Toothless for 15 seconds. Toothless can breathe fire, swoop across the stage, and attack the fighters with his tail. Neutral Special: Fire Sword

Side Special: Trip

Up Special: Glide Jump

Down Special: Sword Slam

the brown parts of Hiccup's HTTYD2 Armor change color.

Normal: Brown

alt 1: dark green

alt 2: white

alt 3: light blue

alt 4: Black

Classic Hiccup [from the first HTTYD film in 2010]
Sinister Megamind.jpg
Megamind Megamind Mech Suit Mayhem: Megamind jumps into his mech suit, and can attack his opponents. Neutral Special: Blaster

Side Special: Staff Swing

Up Special: Jet Boots

Down Special: Staff Slam

Megamind's skin and the blue parts of his suit change colour.

normal: blue

alt 1: orange

alt 2: Lime green

alt 3: purple

alt 4: Tan

White Suit Megamind


Image Character Film series Super Attack Special Moves Palette Swaps Unlockable Costume Unlocking Criteria
Princess Fiona.jpg
Princess Fiona Shrek Fiona's Song: Fiona sings the end of her bluebird song from the first Shrek movie, and the shockwaves hurt her opponents
  • Neutral Special: Princess Punch
  • Side Special: Flying Kick
  • Up Special: Princess Spin
  • Down Special: block
Fiona's dress changes colour.

normal: green

alt 1: ruby red

alt 2: Blue

alt 3: White [Bride dress]

alt 4: black [Funeral Dress/Party Gown]

Warrior Fiona Defeat Negative Fiona in Story Mode or win 44 matches
Sleeping Beauty Shrek 3.jpg
Sleeping Beauty* Shrek Deep Sleep: Sleeping Beauty falls asleep, and a big radius appears around her. Anyone in that radius falls asleep instantly, leaving them open to attack.
  • Neutral Special: Princess Punch
  • Side Special: Flying Kick
  • Up Special: Princess Spin
  • Down Special: block
Sleeping Beauty's dress changes colour.

normal: green

alt 1: ruby red

alt 2: Royal Blue

alt 3: black [Funeral Dress/Party Gown]

alt 4: purple

Her appearance in Shrek 2 [link] Buy her From the shop
GN gingerbread-man lg.jpg
Gingy* Shrek Gumdrops of Fire: Giant flaming gumdrops fall down from the sky, damaging anyone they touch.
  • Neutral Special: Candy Cane Charged attack
  • Side Special: Candy Cane Lunge
  • Up Special: Candy Cane Jump
  • Down Special: Cookie Mine
Gingy wears a top like one of his Shrek SuperSlam costumes for his red, blue and green palette swaps. His candy cane also changes colour too.

normal: no top

alt 1: red

alt 2: Blue

alt 3: light green

alt 4: chocolate brown

'Casa de Gingerbread' Gingy Buy him from the shop
Prince Charming Shrek the Third.jpg
Prince Charming Shrek Charming's Roar: Same as in Shrek Super Slam
  • Neutral Special: Sword Slam
  • Side Special: Sword Uppercut
  • Up Special: Charming Leap
  • Down Special: Charming Shield
Prince Charming's clothing changes colour.

normal: blue

alt 1: orange

alt 2: green

alt 3: red

alt 4: white and yellow

Armor Prince Charming [Link] Clear Story mode or win 101 matches
The Cat in the Hat The Cat In The Hat Crate of Peril: The Cat opens his crate and sucks all his opponents into it, then the crate explodes, blasting them off the screen.
  • Neutral Special: Goo Ball
  • Side Special: Hat Cannon
  • Up Special: Umbrella
  • Down Special: Umbrella Shield
The red parts of the Cat change colour.

normal: red

alt 1: green

alt 2: Blue

alt 3: purple

alt 4: grey

Hippie Disguise Buy him from the Shop [Console version]

Beat the Cat in the Hat theme in Story Mode [Switch]

Marty Madagascar Stampede: Marty stampedes across the stage with lots of other zebras, hurting everyone in his way
  • Neutral Special: Kick
  • Side Special: Charge
  • Up Special: Long Jump
  • Down Special: Crouch
Marty's stripes change colour.

normal: black

alt 1: red

alt 2: light green

alt 3: purple

alt 4: brown

Afro Circus Marty Defeat Negative Marty in Story Mode or win 8 matches
Penguins of Madagascar - Skipper 2 975.jpg
Skipper Madagascar Megaphone Mayhem: Skipper shouts orders into his megaphone, that harms everyone Neutral Special: Karate Chop

Side Special: Belly Slide

Up Special: Penguin Flip

Down Special: Penguin Roll

the white part of Skipper's body changes color.

Normal: white

alt 1: sunburnt pink

alt 2: mutant green

alt 3: cyan

alt 4: yellow

King Julien Skipper Meet up with Skipper in the Madagascar Jungle Level in Story Mode or win 26 matches
Classified Penguins of Madagascar Film Short Fuse: Short Fuse is summoned, and the other fighters are trapped in a pile of dynamite, which Short Fuse detonates. Neutral Special: blaster

Side Special: lunge

Up Special: jet pack

Down Special: low scratch

Classified wears a different colour sweater for his palette swaps.

Normal: no sweater

alt 1: ruby red

alt 2: light green

alt 3: tiger

alt 4: zebra

Battle Suit Classified Clear Story mode or win 300 matches
Barry B. Benson Bee Movie Pollen Jock Royale: The Pollen Jocks zoom around the stage, hurting anyone they hit. Neutral Special: Pollenator Spray

Side Special: Stinger

Up Special: Bee Wings

Down Special: Sting Bounce

Barry's sweater changes color.

Normal: honey yellow

alt 1: light blue

alt 2: lime green

alt 3: white

alt 4: hornet grey

Fly Costume Defeat Negative Barry in Story Mode or win 13 matches
Po Kung Fu Panda I am the Dragon Warrior: Warrior Po's Awesome Attack in Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends the white parts of Po's body changes color.

Normal: white

alt 1: pink

alt 2: cyan

alt 3: jade green

alt 4: Tai Lung coloration

Dragon Warrior Po Defeat Negative Po in Story Mode or win 50 matches
The Missing Link.png
The Missing Link Monsters Vs Aliens Leap Shot: The Missing Link runs up to the opponents and kicks them in the face sending them flying. Neutral Special The green parts of The Missing Link change colour.

normal: green

alt 1: salmon red

alt 2: monochrome

alt 3: purple

alt 4: light blue

Gallaxhar Suit Link Defeat Negative The Missing Link in Story Mode or win 38 matches
Metro Man.jpg
Metro Man* Megamind Metro Slam: Metro Man flies up in the air and slams down hard on the ground, and the shockwaves he creates hurt anyone they touch. Metro Man's suit gains a coloured tint.

normal: white

alt 1: orange

alt 2: light Blue

alt 3: black

alt 4: dark green

Bathrobe Metro Man Buy him from the shop
Tighten Megamind Laser Strike: Sorta similar to Lucario's Aura Storm from SSBB. The red parts of Tighten's suit change colour.

normal/red: orange/red

alt 1: yellow/green

alt 2: Blue/lightblue. Tighten even gets blue skin!

alt 3: purple/black

alt 4: monochrome

Tighten in Hal's clothes Clear Story mode or win 125 matches
Jack Frost.jpg
Jack Frost Rise of the Guardians Deep Freeze: Similar to Frozone's Super Move from The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer Jack Frost's top changes colour.

normal/blue: blue

alt 1: dark green

alt 2: lava orange

alt 3: jet black [Pitch colors]

alt 4: golden yellow [Sandman colors]

Human Jack Frost Defeat Negative Jack Frost in Story Mode or win 66 matches
Grug The Croods Rock 'n' Roll: Grug runs on a giant boulder, flattening anybody in his way. Grug's caveman suit changes colour

normal: brown

alt 1: the color of Gran's tunic

alt 2: the color of Ugga's tunic

alt 3: the color of Eep's tunic

alt 4: the color of Sandy's tunic

Tuxedo Grug Defeat Negative Grug in Story Mode or win 88 matches
Mr Peabody and Sherman Mr. Peabody and Sherman Time Warp: A warping hole appears and sucks up all Mr Peabody and Sherman's opponents Mr Peabody's fur and Sherman's shirt change colour.

normal: white

alt 1: lime green

alt 2: light blue

alt 3: dark grey

alt 4: orange

Egyptian Mr Peabody and Sherman Defeat Negative Mr Peabody & Sherman in Story Mode or win 250 matches
Rita Flushed Away Jammy Dodger II - Rita drives the Jammy Dodger II, turbo speed, into her opponents. Rita's sweater changes colour.

Normal: Pale green

Alt 1: red

Alt 2: Baby blue

Alt 3: Black

alt 4: Toad green

Human Rita [link] Buy her from the shop [Console]

Beat Story Mode [Switch]


These characters do not appear in the Wii or 3DS version, due to storage data limits.

Image Character Film Series Super Attack Special Moves Pallete Swaps Unlockable Costume
Captain hook shrek.jpg
Captain Hook Shrek Pirate Plunder: Acts like Snake's final smash in SSBB but with a cannon instead of a gun. Captain Hook's clothes change color like in Shrek Super Slam.

normal: purple

alt 1: yellow

Extra 2: white

Extra 3: black

extra 4: red

Ninja Captain Hook
Princess Fiona HUMAN.jpg
Princess Fiona [Human] Shrek Bouquet of Blades: Same as in Shrek Super Slam Her specials are the same as her ogre form Like her ogre self, her dress changes color.

Normal: green

alt 1: yellow

alt 2: blue

alt 3: pink

alt 4: white [Bridal dress]

FireCast Fiona [from Shrek SuperSlam]
Vitaly Madagascar Through the Rings: 3 rings appear and Vitaly will go through them hurting anybody in his way. Vitaly's fur changes color.

normal/red: orange

alt 1: blue

alt 2: dark green

Extra 3: white

extra 4: yellow

Vitaly without his speedo.
Wallace-and-gromit 0.jpg
Wallace & Gromit Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Were-Rabbit: Wallace becomes the Were-Rabbit and attacks the fighters. Wallace's sweater changes color. Gromit remains the same.

normal: green

alt 1: purple sweater

alt 2: Wallace wears his Prickly Thicket tank top

alt 3: black

alt 4: orange

Anti-Pesto Wallace & Gromit

Assist Characters

Image Assist Character Film Series What the Assist Does
Artie-1- 498.jpg
Artie Shrek Creates waves of energy with his sword
Sleeping Beauty Shrek 3.jpg
Sleeping Beauty [3DS only] Shrek See her 'DreamWorks Super Move' for info.
Big Bad Wolf 300.gif
Big Bad Wolf Shrek Huffs and puffs, making a strong gale that blows the fighters around
Cookie Shrek Fires chimichangas from his chimichanga stand. the fighters can pick the chimichangas up to lower their damage percentage.
Sykes Shark Tale Inflates and floats around, damaging anyone he bumps into
Ernie & Bernie.jpg
Ernie and Bernie Shark Tale They both create a shockwave of the energy from their stinging tentacles
King Julien (All Hail King Julien).png
King Julien Madagascar He dances to 'I Like to Move It', and everyone but the summoner starts dancing, leaving them open to attack.
Hammy Over the Hedge Goes hyperactive, and runs around very quickly, hurting anyone in his way except the summoner
Ken (Bee Movie).jpg
Ken Bee Movie Appears as a giant in the background of the stage, and uses his magazine to hit the fighters
The Furious Five Kung Fu Panda The Furious Five use their Kung Fu abilities to help whoever summoned them
Tai Lung Kung Fu Panda 1023.jpg
Tai Lung Kung Fu Panda Acts like Numbuh 4's assist from Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL.
Mei Mei King Fu Panda Her Awesome Attack in Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends.
Monsters vs. Aliens MvA B.O.B. Promo Art.jpg
B.O.B. Monsters Vs Aliens Fires shots from a MvA VG shooting platform
Monsters vs. Aliens MvA Dr. Cockroach Promo Art.jpg
Dr Cockroach Monsters Vs Aliens Fires his tractor beam and laser
Astrid How to Train Your Dragon Appears on her Deadly Nadder Dragon, which breathes fire, hurting everyone but who summoned her.
Minion Megamind He uses his robotic gorilla body to attack
Metro Man.jpg
Metro Man [3DS only] Megamind See his 'DreamWorks Super Move' for info.
Destruction Worker.png
Destruction Worker Megamind Swings in on a huge wrecking ball
Judge Sludge.png
Judge Sludge Megamind Attacks with his hands as hammers
Hot Flash.png
Hot Flash [3DS version only] Megamind Attack is similar to Father's Punch Time Explosion in Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL
Sandman Rise of the Guardians Uses his sand powers to make attacks to hurt the opponents
Sandy The Croods Attacks and reverses the directional controls of whomever she jumps on.
Turbo Turbo Acts like Captain Falcon's Final Smash from the SSB series.
Tip Home Tip drives her flying car around the stage, bumping anyone in her way.
Poppy Trolls She sings so loud, the waves she create stun opponents.
Captain underpants flying 1 .png
Captain Underpants Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie He flies into the stage, harming opponents in his way. he exits when he goes 'Tra-la-laaaaaaaa!'
Thing 1 & Thing 2.jpg
Thing 1 & Thing 2 The Cat in The Hat They run around, swinging tennis rackets.
Hutch Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit He fires a burst of Were-Energy sparks from his Bungun.
Rita [3DS only] Flushed Away Rita uses her bungee cable to swing down to the stage and attack.


Italic means this stage is unlockable in Story Mode.

Bold italic means this stage is unlockable in the shop, also, they do not appear in the 3DS version, due to data storage limits.

Image Stage Film series Gimmicks
Shrek's Swamp Shrek crocodiles and Robin Hood and his men attack
Far Far Away Shrek You fight on the street, as knights and rats will come out and attack you
Dragon castle.jpg
Dragon's Keep Shrek the stage has falling rocks, starts breaking, lava, and crumbling platforms, and fire blasting out
Tumblr m6yoy3GvRi1qmzwx0o1 1280.jpg
Giant's Castle* Puss in Boots film leaf platforms, snapping plant trap, poison flowers blowing gas
Madagascar Jungle Madagascar Foosa attack, swinging logs
Africa Madagascar speeding jeeps, attacking birds, stampeding zebras
Madagascar 3 circus.jpg
Fur Power Circus Madagascar moving platforms, fire rings, swinging hammers, trampolines
Southside Reef.jpg
Reef City Shark Tale Taxi fish racing through the stage
Whale Wash.jpg
Whale Wash Shark Tale you are on a moving stage whilst dealing with the hazards in the Shark Tale Game level 'Between a Fluke and a Hard Place'. After the stage reaches the end, the stage goes back to the beginning.
Theme Park Roller Coaster Over The Hedge The Park Owner firing firework rockets
Vincent's Mountain Over The Hedge Falling Rocks, Vincent attacks
Berk HTTYD3.png
Island of Berk How To Train Your Dragon Dragons fly around breathing fire onto the stage.
Dragon Island How to Train Your Dragon Lava, falling rocks
San Francisco Attack Monsters Vs Aliens Alien Probe fires lasers, the stage scrolls
Monsters-vs-aliens 480 poster.jpg
Gallaxhar's Spaceship Monsters Vs Aliens Lasers, Gallaxhar clones attack
Metro Man Museum Megamind enemies attack, the platform moves up and down
Judge Sludge's Boat Megamind Judge Sludge and his goons attack, exploding barrels, platform breaks away after a few hits
Destruction Worker's Construction Site Megamind Destruction Worker uses his huge crane to attack, Destruction Worker's goons attack
New Hive City Bee Movie this stage takes you all around New Hive City, and you have to avoid the cars driving about
Honex Factory Bee Movie you travel to the 3 different station areas in the factory from the Bee Movie game, and each one has it's own gimmick
Jade Palace Dojo Kung Fu Panda same as in Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends
Gongmen City Kung Fu Panda cannons fire and guards attack.the stage layout is the same as in Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends
Spirit Realm Kung Fu Panda same as in Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends
Yeti Village Rise of the Guardians Slippery Stage, crumbling bridges
Croods lighting test.jpg
Coral Fields The Croods crumbling platforms, spiky coral, clams
Valley Hobby Turbo you fight on a train bridge, the train races by and can hurt you if you're in the way.
MrPeabodyAndSherman artists.jpg
WABAC Mr. Peabody & Sherman this stage takes you through to different time periods, with different hazards in each one.
Boov Spaceship Home a stage like Smashville from SSBB. 
Tim Templeton's Imagination The Boss Baby different hazards depend on where you are.
Venus Cat Trap.jpg
Venus Cat-Trap The Cat in The Hat purple sprayers, snapping flytraps, and cutter birds, vanishing platforms
The Mother of All Messes The Cat in The Hat flying laser contraptions, electric panels, Goo fountains
547305-wallace and gromit 10.jpg
Giant Vegetable Competition Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit you are on a platform pulled by a plane that flies around the competition, ballooning gnomes shoot fireworks at you
Jammy Dodger Flushed Away you fight on the Jammy Dodger as it traverses the sewers, and missiles are fired at you, waves rock the boat, sewer water that kills you if you fall in
Disrupted Moon DreamWorks Battle Royale Dark matter energy spikes pierce the stage


Image Boss Character Film Series Where the Boss is Fought
A Big Cyclops.jpg
Cyclops Shrek Cyclops Battle in Dragon's Keep
Makunga Madagascar Coral Fields
Over the hedge vincent.jpg
Vincent Over the Hedge Vincent's Mountain
Mind-Controlled Hideous Zippleback How To Train Your Dragon Dragon Island
Gallaxhar Monsters Vs Aliens Gallaxhar's Spaceship
Tai Lung Kung Fu Panda 1023.jpg
Tai Lung Kung Fu Panda Honex Factory
Larry Quinn AB.png
Quinn The Cat in the Hat The Mother of All Messes
Destruction Worker.png
Destruction Worker Megamind Destruction Worker's Construction Site
Judge Sludge.png
Judge Sludge Megamind Judge Sludge's Boat
Dr. Disruptor [Final Boss] DreamWorks Battle Royale Disrupted Moon

Story Mode Enemies

Enemies Film series
Peasants, Knights, Evil Trees, Witches, Hazmat Elves Shrek
Animal Control Officers Madagascar
Rats, Gophers, Badgers Over the Hedge
Wolves, Gorillas Kung Fu Panda
Gallaxhar Clones Monsters Vs Aliens
the goons of Destruction Worker, Hot Flash, and Psycho Delic Megamind
Nightmare Bees, Monkeys, and Bats Rise of the Guardians
Cyber Clockwork Penguins Wallace & Gromit: Project Zoo
Anti-Pesto Gnomes, Were-Weasels, Were-Chickens, Were-Hedgehogs Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit game


For full details, head to List of DreamWorks Battle Royale Trophies.


Number Name Description rules Character you use Opponents Stage it's on
1 Ogre Hunter It looks like Tighten's found himself a prize catch - Shrek! Time for Puss to save him! Stock, 2 lives each, KO Tighten before he KO's Shrek Puss in Boots Tighten Shrek's Swamp
2 No Hogging the Spotlight No one should obstruct Alex the Lion in his circus act! Clear out these unwanted ruffians! stock, 1 life each Alex Po, Barry, Oscar Fur Power Circus
3 Survive the Whale Wash Can you survive one lap of this crazy wash? Let us see... Stock, 1 life, opponent has infinite lives, survive 1 lap of the arena's hazards Player's choice Oscar Whale Wash
4 A Charming Victory Don't think this Prince is Charming! This Prince's Super Attack is super strong!!! Stock, 1 life each, KO opponents with Prince Charming's Super Attack Prince Charming random Far Far Away
5 Random Rumble 1 who knows what you'll get, or where you'll go! Stock, 2 lives each random Random characters in random colors and/or costumes Random
6 Just Like Old Times Here come the peasants! Shrek, now show them who's boss!!! Enemy Mode; destroy 40 enemies in 2 minutes Shrek none Shrek's Swamp
7 Let's Get Ready To Crumble! Break these bad cookies! Crumble them where it hurts! stock, 2 lives each Player's Choice 8 Gingys, in each colour and their alternate costume Player's Choice
8 Shrek: Disrupted A Disruption has occurred in the Shrek Universe! Clear it Out! Stock, 1 life each Player's choice All the playable Shrek characters in their negative colors Shrek's Swamp
9 Royal Flush There is only 1 true king, and that's you! Sort these ruffians out! Stock; 1 life each Shrek in his Royal costume Grug, The Missing Link, RJ Far Far Away
10 Money Match 1 Who'll win this Money Match? Let's find out! Money Match Mode; the most in 3 minutes wins choose random random
11 Tough Cookie Now this is one tough cookie! Break it! Stock; 3 lives each player's choice Gingy in 'Casa de Gingerbread' costume New Hive City
12 Starter Supreme Fight the characters in the starter roster! stock; 1 life each Player's choice all playable starter characters random
13 Madagascar: Disrupted A Disruption has occurred in the Madagascar Universe! Stock; 1 life each Player's choice All the playable Madagascar characters in their negative colors Africa
14 Player's Choice 1 A round you make all by yourself! Win it stock, 1 life each, KO opponents in 2 minutes player's choice player's choice player's choice
15 Museum Coin Robbing It's up to Megamind to stop Tighten from stealing the money from the Metro Man Museum! Money Match Mode; first to 500 wins Megamind Tighten Metro Man Museum
16 Revenge of the Foosa Whoa! Deja vu! You'd better save Madagascar from the Foosa!!! Enemy Mode; destroy 50 enemies in 3 minutes Alex none Madagascar Jungle
17 Were-creatures in Honex OMG! Were-creatures are invading Honex! Stop them, Barry B. Benson!!! Enemy Mode; destroy 35 enemies in 2 minutes Barry B. Benson none Honex Factory
18 Madagascar Brawl Party A brawl in Madagascar! Don't miss it!!! Stock; 3 lives each. player's choice Alex, Megamind, Tighten, Princess Fiona Madagascar Jungle
19 Hammy Goes Nuts KO your rivals, but watch out for this crazy rabbit-squirrel! Stock, 2 lives each, avoid Hammy's assist attack Random random Reef City
20 Annoying Talking Animal Donkey have to prove Puss that he's a better sidekick Stock; 3 lives each Donkey Puss in Boots Shrek's Swamp
21 Metro Madness! Wow! So many Metro Man copies! Only one of them is the real one, but which one is it? Stock; 1 life each Metro Man 12 Metro Man copies, in each colour and their alternate costume Metro Man Museum
22 Clash of the Tightens A true warrior is to take these Tightens down! and that warrior is... Donkey?! Stock, 1 life each Donkey 8 Tightens, one in each colour and their alternate costume Dragon Island
23 Player's Choice 2 Another round you make all by yourself! Win It stock, 1 life each, KO opponents in 2 minutes player's choice player's choice player's choice
24 Random Rumble 2 Time for another random match and this time, let make things more troublesome Stock, 2 lives each random Random characters in random colors and/or costumes Random
25 Money Match 2 Another Money Match? Let's settle this one! Money Match Mode; the most in 3 minutes wins choose random random
26 When the past meets NOW! Two Hiccups, One Island, One Battle, No Waiting. Stock; 2 lives each Hiccup in his unlockable costume Hiccup in his normal costume Island of Berk
27 DragonSlayer SharkSlayer vs a dragon! Now this is what we wanna see! Battle the Mind-Controlled Hideous Zippleback boss Oscar in his unlockable costume None Dragon Island
28 The Cyclops Slayer Can the Famous Ogre Slayer slay the Big Cyclops? Battle the Cyclops boss Puss in Boots None Dragon's Keep
29 Arena Enemies An enemy brawl! The one with the most defeated enemies wins! Enemy Mode; whoever defeats the most enemies in 2 minutes wins random random DreamWorks Stadium [Ω Form]
30 Megamind: Disrupted A Disruption has occurred in the Megamind Universe! Stock; 1 life each Player's choice All the playable Megamind characters in their negative colors Metro Man Museum
31 Rumble in the Jungle A big fight who see who's King of the Jungle! Stock; 2 lives each Alex RJ, Grug, Shrek Madagascar Jungle
32 Revenge of the Aliens Sounds like the Aliens have some unfinished business to settle! Enemy Mode; destroy 45 enemies in 3 minutes The Missing Link none San Fransisco Attack
33 Out-Numbered but never Out-Charmed There's only one Prince Charming in the Kingdom! stock, 1 life each. Prince Charming 7 Prince Charming copies, in each colour and their alternate costume Far Far Away
34 Random Rumble 3 Time for yet another random match. This'll be interesting Stock, 2 lives each random Random characters in random colors and/or costumes Random
35 Money Match 3 Time for another Money Match. May the richest win! Money Match Mode; the most in 3 minutes wins choose random random
36 Pitch's Revenge Looks like Pitch is back for more. Show him that Jack Frost means business! Defeat Pitch Jack Frost none Pitch's Lair
37 Princesses United Princess Fiona must save Far Far Away before Charming and his villainous brigade can stop you! Stock, 1 life each Princess Fiona Prince Charming, Megamind in Negative colours and Tighten Far Far Away
38 Unlockables Frenzy 1 6 unlockable characters, none of the fuss stock; 1 life each Player's choice Fiona, Grug, Tighten, Prince Charming, Po, and Barry B Benson random
39 Just Like Old Times 2 Metro Man is back and he's ready for another battle with Megamind! Stock, 2 lifes each Metro Man Megamind Metroman Museum
40 5 a day 5 opponents. 5 arenas. Stock, 1 life each, the stage changes after each fighter is beaten. choose random 5 random stages
41 It's Classified!  Take on Agent Classified, one on one, and show him who the real agent is! Stock, 3 lives each Skipper Classified Fur Power Circus
42 Tottington Brawl A brawl above Tottington Hall! Survive if you can! Stock, 1 life each, random random Giant Vegetable Competiton
43 The Randomly Disrupted Bunch 3 disrupted characters ready to wreak havoc! Stock, 1 life each, the stage changes after each fighter is beaten. choose random character in their negative colours Random stage
44 Player's Choice 3 Here, you can make yourself the biggest, baddest batle you can think of! stock, 1 life each, KO opponents in 2 minutes Player's choice Player's choice Player's choice
45 Unlikely Allies! Sometimes, heroes and villains can work together... or can they? Defeat the Mind-Controlled Hideous Zippleback boss before Prince Charming delivers the final blow Shrek Prince Charming Dragon Island
46 Megamind's Last Stand Metroman's back again and this time, Megamind has a sidekick Stock, 2 lifes each Metroman Megamind and Tighten Metroman Museum
47 Dragon Warrior's Revenge 'The Dragon Warrior' has returned! Can you best him in combat? Stock, 3 lives each choose Po in Dragon Warrior Costume Spirit Realm
48 Heroes at Large send these so-called heroes to their doom stock, 1 life each choose Shrek, Po, Jack Frost, Barry B Benson, Alex, RJ, Oscar & Megamind random
49 Villains United! The villains aren't going to give in without a fight! Stock, 1 life each choose Megamind, Tighten, Prince Charming Disrupted Moon
50 All-Stars Battle Royale All the fighters are a-comin'! This is the ultimate battle!!! Stock; 1 life each choose all playable characters (including DLC ones) DreamWorks Stadium
51 Costume Party Trick or Treat! Everyone's dressed in their costumes for this battle! stock; 1 life each choose all playable characters in their unlockable costumes (Including DLC ones) Random
52 Ultimate Disruption This is it! the disruption to end all disruptions! stock; 1 life each choose

All playable characters in their negative colours

(Including DLC ones)

Disrupted Moon

Video Clips

This is a list of the unlockable Dreamworks video clips you can buy in the shop.

Clip Flim Series where it ends
The 'All-Star' song from 'Shrek 1' Shrek when it ends
The fairy tales wanted scene from 'Shrek 1' Shrek after Donkey falls down
The Duloc fight scene from 'Shrek 1' Shrek after Shrek says "Thank you very much. I'm here til' Thursday. Try the veal!"
The 'Livin' la Vida Loca' song from 'Shrek 2' Shrek Just before the scene transitions to the cast credits of Shrek 2 (which isn't included in this game)
Shrek's nightmare from 'Shrek the Third' Shrek after Shrek wakes up screaming in the morning
The Charming Fight scene from 'Shrek the Third' Shrek After the tower prop crushes Charming
The Kiss on the Bridge Scene from 'Shrek Forever After' Shrek when Fiona says "Then where were you when I needed you?
The Marty Chase scene from 'Madagascar 1' Madagascar After the NYC Police spots them
The 'I Like to Move It' song from 'Madagascar 1' Madagascar When Gloria goes away from the Lemur crew to find Alex
the Gloria and hippos friends meet scene from 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' Madagascar After Moto Moto talks to Gloria for the first time
The animal crew meeting the Circus animals scene from 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' Madagascar After Vitaly says "This train is for circus animals only!"
The ending of 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' Madagascar After Dubois screams when the Animal Control Police are being sent to Madagascar
the North Wind Meet scene from 'Penguins of Madagascar' Madagascar Ends after Classified growls at Skipper for interrupting his speech about the North Wind
The Intro montage of Shark Tale Shark Tale ends after the sushi shop scene



Item Name What it Looks like What it does where it's from
Spiderweb Candy the spiderweb cotton candy battering Shrek
Beware Ogre sign the sign from Shrek's house battering all Shrek films
Pitchfork obvious battering Shrek
Giant Ham same as in Shrek Super Slam Shrek Super Slam
Floating Air Mines same as in Shrek Super Slam firing weapon Shrek Super Slam
Hammer of Smiting same as in Shrek Super Slam battering Shrek Super Slam
Pot O' Gold Grenade same as in Shrek Super Slam Shrek Super Slam
Pirate Cannon same as in Shrek Super Slam Shrek Super Slam
Fairy Bazooka firing weapon Shrek Super Slam


potion Name What it does where it's from
Health Potion heals up to 100% of damage Shrek 2: The Game
Shield Potion creates a blue shield to protect you temporarily Shrek 2: The Game
Attack Potion increases your power temporarily Shrek 2: The Game


Item Name What it Looks like What it does where it's from
Assist Box the Item Box from DreamWorks Super Star Kartz Summons a random assist character [see Assists] game, DreamWorks Super Star Kartz [design]
Crate decorated to fit the theme of the stage it appears on contains items, can be thrown. Sometimes it explodes when broken. game
Food the food from other DreamWorks vidoegames/movies heals you Shrek the Third, Over the Hedge, Madagascar, Bee Movie, other various DreamWorks films/games


For full details, head to List of DreamWorks Battle Royale Quotes.


  • Tara Strong as Moon Boy
  • Michael Gough as Shrek
  • Dean Edwards as Donkey
  • Antonio Banderas as Puss
  • Holly Fields as Fiona
  • Keith Ferguson as Prince Charming and Megamind
  • Wally Wingert as Alex
  • Phil LaMarr as Oscar and Marty
  • Tom McGrath as Skipper
  • Will Arnett as The Missing Link
  • Sean Bishop as Lenny
  • Mick Wingert as Po
  • Jay Baruchel as Hiccup
  • Bruce Willis as RJ
  • Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson
  • Jonah Hill as Tighten
  • Brad Pitt as Metro Man
  • Erin Matthews as Sleeping Beauty
  • Chris Edgerly as The Cat in the Hat
  • Chris Parnell as Mr. Peabody
  • Max Charles as Sherman
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Classified
  • Chris Parson as Grug
  • Ben Whitehead as Wallace
  • Bryan Cranston as Vitaly
  • Conrad Vernon as Gingy
  • Jim Meskimen as Captain Hook
  • Susan Duerden as Rita
  • Clancy Brown as Dr. Disruptor

List of goods for Party Mode

Certificate 1: Smash is love, smash is life: Play for a total of 72 hours

Certificate 2: Official DreamWorks Ogre: Beat arcade mode with everyone (Excluding DLC)

Accessory: Shrek's original wardrobe: Complete ALL missions

Link to Party Mode


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