DreamWorks VS Capcom is a crossover fighting game for Steam, Wii U, PS4 & Xbox One which features DreamWorks/Capcom characters.

An updated version of the game was set to be released on 2014 titled DreamWorks VS Capcom Extra Larger and it will be ported on Nintendo Switch in 2017 titled ​DreamWorks VS Capcom Ogre-Sized Edition.

Playable Characters

DreamWorks Capcom Guest Characters
Shrek Ryu Mario (Wii U/Switch Exclusive)
Princess Fiona Chun-Li Inkling (Wii U/Switch Exclusive)
Donkey Ken Link (Wii U/Switch Exclusive)
Puss in Boots Sakura Kirby (Wii U/Switch Exclusive)
Gingy Zangief Marth (Wii U/Switch Exclusive)
Prince Charming Dan Wario (Wii U/Switch Exclusive)
Megamind Morrigan Ratchet & Clank (PS4 Exclusive)
Metroman Felicia Kat (PS4 Exclusive)
Tighten Hsien-Ko Cole McGrath (PS4 Exclusive)
Jack Frost Donovan Sackboy (PS4 Exclusive)
North Tessa Jak & Daxter (PS4 Exclusive)
Bunnymund Leo Sly Cooper (PS4 Exclusive)
Sandman Kenji Jago (Xbox One Exclusive)
Tooth Fairy Mai-Ling Joanna Dark (Xbox One Exclusive)
Alex Gene Banjo & Kazooie (Xbox One Exclusive)
Skipper Regina Blinx (Xbox One Exclusive)
B.O.B Vanessa Z. Schneider Master Chief (Xbox One Exclusive)
Oscar F.A.N.G Conker (Xbox One Exclusive)
Missing Link Mega Man Heavy (Steam Exclusive)
Rumpelstiltskin Akuma Chell (Steam Exclusive)
Oh Tron Bonne  Gordon Freeman (Steam Exclusive)
Fairy Godmother M. Bison Ellis (Steam Exclusive)
Barry B. Benson Chris Redfield  Freddy Fazbear (Steam Exclusive)
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Laura  Frisk (Steam Exclusive)


DreamWorks Capcom
Marty Viewtiful Joe
Artie Ibuki
RJ Zero
Humpty Alexander Dumpty (for Extra Large/Extra Larger) Strider Hiryu (for Extra Large/Extra Larger)
Tigress (for Extra Large/Extra Larger) Arthur (for Extra Large/Extra Larger)
Chantel DuBois (for Extra Large/Extra Larger) Dudley (for Extra Large/Extra Larger)
Drago Bludvist (Extra Larger only) Albert Wesker (Extra Larger only)
Tai Lung (Extra Larger only) Maki Genryusai (Extra Larger only)
Thelonious (Extra Larger only) Daniella (Extra Larger only)
Captain Underpants (Ogre-Sized Edition only) Seth (Ogre-Sized Edition only)
Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane (Ogre-Sized Edition only) Sigma (Ogre-Sized Edition only)
Mr. Peabody (Ogre-Sized Edition only) Nathan Spencer (Ogre-Sized Edition only)

DWvsC Extra Large

DreamWorks Capcom
Brogan Bass
Vitaly Protoman
Po Duo
Pitch Guy
Astrid Hofferson Cody
Makunga Haggar
Gallaxhar B. B. Hood
The Gorg Samanosuke Akechi

DWvsC Extra Larger

DreamWorks Capcom
Grug Nilin
Alvin the Treacherous Leon S. Kennedy
Captain Hook Nick Ramos
Kai Saki Omokane
Dr. Blowhole Wayne Holden
Human Fiona Evil Ryu

​DWvsC Ogre-Sized Edition

DreamWorks Capcom
Agent Classified Guile
Branch Rashid
Poppy Ada Wong
Su Wu Juri Han
Lord Shen Phoenix Wright
Human Shrek Violent Ken


DreamWorks Capcom
Lord Farquaad (appears in Duloc stage) Lord Burroughs (appears in Duloc stage)
Verne, Stella & Hammy (Special Attacks/Hyper Combos for RJ) Juli & Juni (appears in Shadaloo stage)
Private, Rico & Kowalski (Special Attacks/Hyper Combos for Skipper) Asura (appeared as a statue in Jade Palace stage)
Pinocchio (Hyper Combo for Gingy) Karin (Hyper Combo for Sakura)
Gia (appears in Felicia's ending) Rouge (appears in Prince Charming's ending)
Stefano (appears in Circus stage) Hideo Shimazu (appears in Worcestershire Academy stage)
King Julien (appears in Circus stage) Elvis (dressed as an ogre in Felicia's ending)
Wing Wu & Wan Wu (Special Attacks/Hyper Combos for Su Wu) Shannon (appears in Felicia's ending)
Cookie (Hyper Combo for Brogan) Roll (Heal for Megaman)
Gretched (appears in Ogre Camp stage) Frank West (appears in Raccoon City stage)
Three Pigs, Wolf and Red (appear in Shrek's Swamp) Poison & Andore (appear in Poison Apple stage)
Roxanne Ritchi (appears in Metro City stage) Necalli (appears in Pitch's ending)
Dragon (Hyper Combo for Donkey) Lilith (Hyper Combo for Morrigan)
Kitty Softpaws (Hyper Combo for Puss in Boots) Olivia (appears in Gene's ending)
Mr. Ping (appears in Valley of Peace stage) Batsu, Himnata & Shinosuke (appear in Artie's ending)
Merlin (appears in Artie's ending) Fiona & Hewie (appear in Missing Link's ending)
Snow White, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty (Hyper Combo for Princess Fiona) Accel (appears in Poison Apple stage)
Doris (appears in Poison Apple stage) Kun Lan (appears in Rumpelstiltskin's ending)
Tip (Heal/Buff for Oh) Dr. Wily (appears in Wily's base stage)
Dr. Cockroach (appears in B.O.B's ending) Edward Falcon (appears in Charming's Big Show stage)
Master Shifu (appears in Po's ending) Elena (appears in Dudley's ending)
Gloria & Melman (Special Attacks/Hyper Combos for Alex/Marty) Birdie (appears in Poison Apple stage)
Minion (appears in Megamind's ending) Julia Whitepearl (appears in Charming's Big Show stage)
Monkey, Crane, Mantis & Viper (Hyper Combos/Special Attacks for Po/Tigress) Balrog, Vega & Sagat (appear in M. Bison's ending)
Pied Piper (Hyper Combo for Rumpelstiltskin) Charlie (appears in Dr. Blowhole's ending)
Master Oogway (appears in Kai's ending) Gouken (appears in Akuma's ending)
Soothsayer (appear in Drago's ending) Gen (appears in Jade Palace stage)

And many more!


  • Dr. Erode
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