DreamWorks VS Toei is a crossover fighting game which features DreamWorks/Toei characters.

Gameplay style is TvC

Playable Characters

DreamWorks Toei Guests
Shrek Cure Black 1960's Batman
Princess Fiona Cure White 1960's Joker
Donkey Cure Blossom 1960's Catwoman
Puss in Boots Cure Marine 1960's Riddler
Gingy Cure Peach 1960's Penguin
Prince Charming Cure Berry 1960's Mr. Freeze
Artie Cure Pine I.M. Meen
Po Red Buster Mario (Wii U/3DS Exclusive)
Tigress Blue Buster Luigi (Wii U/3DS Exclusive)
Viper Yellow Buster Princess Peach (Wii U/3DS Exclusive)
Mantis Beet Buster Yoshi (Wii U/3DS Exclusive)
Crane Stag Buster Wario (Wii U/3DS Exclusive)
Monkey Uchuu Keiji Gavan Donkey Kong (Wii U/3DS Exclusive)
Jack Forst Kamen Rider Den-O Banjo & Kazooie (Xbox360 Exclusive)
North Momotaros Jago (Xbox360 Exclusive)
Sandman Ryutaros B. Orchid (Xbox360 Exclusive)
Tooth Fairy Urataros Fulgore (Xbox360 Exclusive)
Bunnymund Kintaros T.J. Combo (Xbox360 Exclusive)
Alex Spider-Man (Toei) Shank (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Skipper Sailor Moon Falcone (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Hiccup Shuya Nanahara Corina (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Megamind Gokai Red James Heller (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Minion Gokai Blue Alex Mercer (PS3/Vita Exclusive)
Metroman Gokai Yellow Brandon
Tighten Gokai Green Mallory
Missing Link Gokai Pink Helper Monkey
B.O.B Gokai Silver Radical Reaper
Ginormica (Giant Character) Gokaioh (Giant Character) Grimbot (Giant Character)

DLC Characters

DreamWorks Toei
Kitty Softpaws Enter
Humpty Alexander Dumpty Escape
RJ Tuxedo Kamen
Lord Farquaad (Ultimate Only) Honey Kisaragi (Ultimate Only)
The Whisperer (Ultimate Only) Pero (Ultimate Only)
Gallaxhar (Ultimate Only) Devilman (Ultimate Only)

Ultimate DWvsT

DreamWorks Toei
Rumpelstiltskin Queen Beryl
Fairy Godmother Nagamine Shigeki
Pitch Sailor Galaxia
Vitaly San Dorva
Brogan Warz Gill
Dr. Cockroach Basco ta Jolokia


  1. The Great Terror
  2. Messiah

Hidden Characters

Commando Elites Gorgonites Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance
Chip Hazard Archer Aaron
Butch Meathook Insaniac Gina
Brick Bazooka Slamfist Jason G
Nick Nitro Punch-It & Scratch-It Lola
Kip Killigan Freakenstein Raven
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