Dream✩Revolution All-Stars Fighting is a 3D fighting and weapon based fighting game game developed by In-Verse, is the fifth (fourth in release) entry in the Dream Revolution series and a non-canon entry after four games, it's notorious by using Cel Shading instead of the 3D art of earlier games and is guided towards a technical style.


Basically is a mixture between JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future and the Street Fighter III series, in a 3D structure with scenarios that can be destroyed. If a bar its full, unleashes a Super Attack, and there's also an "Alter Avatar Bar", which is basically the life bar of an Alter if the character has one.

This game adds a Tag Option, however, like Tekken Tag Tournament, when an opponent is defeated the round ends.

In Arcade Mode there are nine stages (counted with Roman numbers from I to IX), the last has a random final boss within this group of Protagonists and Antagonists varied in eight groups of two in a now or never last battle (you can still continue after losing); Alexa, Dynamo, Blade, Alison, Elaine, Ignis, Pandora, Angelica, Omega, Brand, Odin, Blake, Piros, Agatha, Orpheus and Udiya)


Last Fire Characters are Console Exclusives.

  1. Alexa Maxwell - Fire Elemental Warrior
  2. Dynamo - Lightning Elemental Warrior
  3. Yuri Maxwell - Ice Elemental Warrior
  4. Hermione Graham - Water Elemental Warrior
  5. Jermaine Belmont - Earth Shadow Warrior
  6. Sally Bianchi - Magician
  7. Pandora - Light Shadow Warrior
  8. Blade - Spurious
  9. Alison Evans - Wind Shadow Warrior
  10. Angel Kennedy - Magician
  11. Cyrille Adams - Spurious
  12. Natalia van Santen - Magic Knight
  13. Angelica Clyne - Dark Shadow Warrior
  14. Cassandra van Helsing - Assassin
  15. Paris Clover - Android
  16. Cid Platane - Magic Knight
  17. Berenice Carroll - Vampire
  18. Omega - Robot
  19. Brand "Dandelion" Fayer - Fire Elemental Warrior
  20. Elaine LeBlanc - Light Elemental Warrior
  21. Ari Noir - Darkness Elemental Warrior
  22. Clown - Clown
  23. Illyria Valken - Magic Knight
  24. Reznor Fan Andel - Magic Knight
  25. Galeno Santander - Magic Knight
  26. Schillia Altis Bravo - Magic Knight
  27. Ignis Vatra - Fire Elemental Warrior
  28. Abelard Albain - Wrestler
  29. Melissa Wingates - Shape-Shifter (Humanoid Beast)
  30. Kai Pairon - Shape-Shifter (Humanoid Beast)
  31. Noah Albain - Wrestler
  32. Roberta Schwarzen - Gunner
  33. Rayne van Hellsing - Assassin
  34. Blake Tiberius - Mega Human Type 2
  35. Agni Jill Flair - Homunculus/Fire Shadow Warrior
  36. Odin - Supreme Water Warrior
  37. Leroy Maxwell/Chronos - Supreme Light Warrior
  38. Ginga Sharam - Earth Psychic
  39. Casper Haven - Wind Psychic
  40. Ashe Rodolia Justice - Fire Psychic
  41. Crow Killian - Humanoid Beast
  42. Deviser - Robot
  43. Ezekiel Castagnier - Water Shadow Warrior
  44. Faye Jamie Heinel - Mimicry
  45. Kriemhild - Unknown type of Psychic
  46. Orpheus Nox Luna - Legendary Lightning Warrior
  47. Udiya Vulcanus - Legendary Fire Warrior


  • Piros the Phantom: A specter who came from the underworld's depths, and is rumored that he's part of the undead. Piros is a guy, He's not really evil, just haunted by the experiences he passed. Based on Alice McCoy from Digimon Tamers. And his Gameplay is based in Battle Arena Toshinden Character Kayin Amoh. (Like Elaine is based on Eiji Shinjo's). - Mimicry
  • Ruby Black: Piros' Alter-Ghost, unlike Alexa's and Dynamo's Alter-Ghosts, is more similar to the others. She uses guns and other long ranged weapons. She's the creature that maintains Piros "Alive", since it is the Alter-Ghost this time that controls his consciousness, her attacks are based in Vermilion from Battle Arena Toshinden.
  • Agatha Laura Heinel Marionette (Code name: Doll): A humanoid Female character who has doll-like joints, she is seen to be kind and very determined, and can transform in a red butterfly. However, she is abnormal given that aside of her 'creepy' puppet-like appearance, she controls the accursed Demon called Lucifer. She just wants to have more friends, but given her background, it is easily controlled by Lucifer's ambitions, she is a puppet fighter. - Light Shadow Warrior.
  • Lucifer: The vengeful creature that is controlled by the Doll in question. It's appearance is of a monstrous yet beautiful ghost who is attached to her using strings, but unlike Ruby Black it is almost devoid of everything positive and accentuates the negative, however, it seems that he cares about Agatha as seen holding her in her defeat pose.


  • Deserted Passage
  • Maxwell Orphanage
  • Duodecim Headquarters
  • Ultima Deus Scientia
  • Crystal Time
  • Kennedy Manor
  • Fields
  • Dark Star
  • Burned Castle
  • Tower of Abyss
  • Death Cross


  • The game will be bundled in Japan with Last Fire sequel.
    • The same situation is with the Steam Version.
  • This game has a new approach; There are Normal Model and Another Model, similar to KOF: Maximum Impact series in terms of clothing, some of them designed by famous artists.
  • The game came out in Arcades in 2014, but was ported three years later in 2017 to PC/Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (the two include a Digital code to the first DR game) and Nintendo Switch.
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