Empires: Galaxy At War Is a game that involves a galactic conflict between two Empire's and independent star systems, crime syndicates, pirates, hostile planets, and thugs.


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Janet Nelson Jr.

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Because the game takes modern weapons as well a fictional weapons. Each faction (Earth Galactic Empire, some pirates and crime underworlds) have numerous weapons such as assault rifles (M-16 and variants, shotguns such as the SPAS-12 and other, Grenade launchers, sniper rifles) while some other factions have their own weapons as TRON.


  • Tanks

In the Earth Galactic Empire, most tanks variants resemble the ones from the First World War. Although some also resemble Abrams tanks but each tank are armed with powerful cannons such as artillery variants. Some of the tanks with the WWI design are equipped with turrets with secondary weapons. Skimmers as well are used by other factions as well as the EGE.

  • APC
  • Artillery
  • Jeeps
  • Lightcycle

Air vehicles