Fish Hooks: The Video Game is game for the Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PSP. The game is based on the episodes of Fish hooks and in the levels you play as the three main characters Milo, Bea, and Oscar and in one level you can play as Milo's ninja. You can also play mini games and can even unlock three episodes of the show.

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Level 1:It just stays in the picture

Playable Characters:Milo and Bea

Locations:Freshwater High and Clamatha's Yearbook Office

Plot:Explore the school and get pass Clamantha's maximum yearbook office to get Bea's yearbook picture

Level 2:Lover's Tank Rescue

Playable Characters:Bea and Milo

Locations:Freshwater High and Lovers Tank

Plot:Rescue Oscar from being kissed by Clamantha in Lovers Tank

Level 3:To the Tank

Playable Character:Milo

Locations:Bud's Pets and Milo and Oscar's Tank

Plot:Ride on the cat to get to Milo and Oscar's tank

Level 4:Fish Niagra Falls or Bust

Playable Character:Oscar

Locations:Bridge and Fish Niagra Falls

Plot:Ride on Bo Gregory's truck to get to Fish Niagra Falls to see Doris Flores Gorgeous

Level 5:Happy Birthfish

Playable Characters:Milo, Oscar, and Bea

Location:Freshwater High

Plot:Escape Freshwater High when you get nothing for Jocktopus's birthday

Level 6:Sleepover Sneak in

Playable Characters:Milo and Oscar

Locations:Milo and Oscar's Tank and Bea's Tank

Plot:Sneak into Bea's sleepover while dressed as Milovia and Oscarlinabeth

Level 7:Dogs are fish too

Playable Characters:Bea, Oscar, and Milo

Location:Bud's Pets

Plot:Find Milo's dog Murphy when he runs away out of the tank

Level 8:Advertising Fish

Playable Character:Bea

Location:Fish City Central

Plot:Fly a advertising plane across Fish City Central, but watch out for obstecles

Level 9:Homecoming Bea

Playable Characters:Bea

Locations:Retirement Home and Freshwater High

Plot:Get to the Homecoming Dance before the Student Council announce the Homecoming queen

Level 10:Wolf Fish Run

Playable Character:Milo

Location:Fish Frest and Oscar and Milo's Tank

Plot:Escape from the Fish Forest to Milo and Oscar's Tank without the wolf fish trying to catch you

Level 11:Ninja Go!

Playable Character:Milo's Ninja

Location:Freshwater High

Plot:Play as Milo's ninja and defeat Jocktopus to save Albert Glass

Level 11:Hooray for Hamsterwood

Playable Characters:Milo, Bea, and Oscar


Plot:Explore Hamsterwood to find Hamsterwood Studios

Level 12:Save Bea!

Playable Character:Oscar

Location:Set of I Dares you

Plot:Save Bea while Milo is distracting Pamela Hamster

Level 13:Fishing for Compliments

Playable Character:Bea

Location:Toilet Bowl Roller Derby

Plot:Compete in the Toilet Bowl Roller Derby to get Albert Glass to like you as a friend

Level 14:Really Big Fish

Playable Characters:Oscar and Bea

Location:Freshwater High

Plot:Find a antidote at the Science room to make Milo stop growing

Level 15:Fish Floater Security

Playable Characters:Milo and Oscar

Location:Freshwater High

Plot:Secure the Boy's float from the girls trying to foil you

Level 16:Pincherson Out

Playable Characters:Milo

Locations:Freshwater High and Milo and Oscar's Tank

Plot:Escape from Randy Pincherson before he pinches you

Level 17:Recyclepath

Playable Characters:Bea and Oscar

Locations:Freshwater High and Downtown

Plot:Stop Milo from Recycling like crazy and make him meet the real Earth Troll

Level 18:The Legend of Oscar

Playable Character:Oscar

Location:Medival Fish Tank

Plot:Defeat the Dragon Fish and save Princess Clamantha

Level 19:Parasite Fight

Playable Characters:Milo, Bea, and Oscar

Location:Freshwater High

Plot:Fight the parasites that are invading the school and save the students


In the game you play as Milo, Oscar, Bea, and Milo's ninja. The levels are based on episodes in Fish Hooks. You can also play mini games like Waitress Bea where Bea gets a part time job at the Hokey Poke and has to serve guests at lunch rush, the game is similar to Diner Dash.Another mini game is for Milo and called Motocycle Maddness the game is about Milo races the motocycle he got when Randy Pincherson loaned money to him. In the game you have to compete for the grand prize and in the game you race three tracks three times. Oscar has another mini game called Runway Oscar it's about that Oscar has to go from Freshwater High to home and don't let Clamantha kiss you.


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