Happy Tree Racemania is the 2nd Happy Tree Freinds video game, & the first E-rated game.


Like Mario Kart but this time it now has coins you can use to unlock stuff at the shop.


  • Cuddles - Drives a Carrot-Shaped Car
  • Giggles - Drives a Pink Soapbox Derby Car with a heart
  • Toothy - Drives a Cracked Easter Egg
  • Pentunia - Drives a Bathtub
  • Sniffles - Drives a Rocket with Wheels
  • Pop - Drives a brown car with 2 buckets as boosters.
  • Cub - Drives a Toy Car
  • Lumpy - Drives a Badly Built Car.
  • Nutty - Drives a Car with candy all over it

More To Come...


Cuddles Cup

  • Cuddles Circuit
  • Giggles's House
  • Easter Park

More To Come...

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