Jimmy Two Shoes: The Video Game is a game for the PS2 and the Nintendo DS. You can play as Jimmy, Beezy, or Heloise. The rating of the game is E 10 for everyone 10 and up. The genre is a beat 'em up and an action and adventure. If you beat the game three times you unlock a character.

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When monsters are attacking Miseryville, everything is getting destroyed. Lucius thinks it's okay until the monsters destroy his home and part of Misery Inc. Then Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise decide to save the city and become real heroes. The three friends get in super hero costumes and beat up the monsters. In the game Jimmy is Power Squid, Beezy is Spagetti Beezy, and Heloise is Trouble Bubble Girl. Then Lucius gets possesed by a monster so that's another reason why the three friends want to save the city.


In the game if you are on a level it shows the three friends and you can switch to either character. There aren't many levels in the game and there are no weapons you just have to use your powers. When you play the three friends are normal, to get them dressed up if you find a squid for Jimmy he becomes Power Squid. If Beezy finds a plate of Spagetti he turns into Spagetti Beezy. Finally if Heloise finds bubbles she becomes Trouble Bubble Girl. You can lose your powers if an enemy hits you. When you pass the game three times you unlock Samy as a playable characters and if he finds a potion he turns into Beast Samy. In boss battles you can throw stuff at the bosses. The four characters have powers Jimmy has Ink squirt, Beezy has Meatball Blast and Digusto Garlic Breath, Heloise has Bubble Trouble, and Samy has strangle stomp and power kick.


Miseryville Park

Miseryville Meadow

Mount Misery

Clownburg (Boss: The three evil clowns)

Miseryville Golf Course

Misery Island Left Side

Misery Island Right Side (Boss: Lava Beast)

Carnival Lucius

Residental Area

Miseryville at Snowtime (Boss: Evil Beast Samy)

Lucius' Mansion

Misery Beach

Misery Theatre

Miseryville at Nightime

Isolated Miseryville

Misery Inc. (Boss: Possesed Lucius)

Downtown Miseryville (Boss: Leader of Monster Armada)


There are posotive reviews on this game

Playstation Place

This game is cool the graphics are amazing there is not alot of levels so it's a 9.8/10

Nintendo Power

This game has amazing graphics and cool controls 10/10

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