"Gasped "

Sora said as he then woke up in the streets of an unknown dark town. he looked to his left and then to his right thinking to himself

"where am I ?"

as Sora got up he then yelled out concerned for his friends

"Riku,Kairi,Donald,Goofy, Anybody!"

however, he did not get an answer he then looked down sadly first but then crossed his arms and admits to himself

"That's weird all I remember was that I was fighting Xehanort and then I suddenely just woke up here. Did he win or did I win ?"

he then looked around the room before looking determined and said

"Well no point in staying on the streets thinking about this. Maybe if I go around and ask maybe someone well know something " as Sora then walked to try to find out were he was

[Goal, Find someone who knows were you are. After you talk to a few people who say your in a place called Vale ]

Next Scene

Sora then enters a shop that seemed to have an old guy in the counter. The Shop didn't look that busy to say but becides the one who runs the shop there was also some a young girl wearing a hooded red cloak in the corner of the shop, reading a weapons magazine. Sora stared at this girl confused as to why before he then heard a voice ask

"Can I help you young man ?"

Sora at first looked stunned at that as he then looked and saw the Shop keeper was looking at him wondering what he wanted. Sora then laughed alittle embarrised like as he rubbed the back of his head asking

"Um Yeah sorry but Um I have to ask. Have you seen any one else here today, You see I got separated by from allot of my friends "

The Old Man then said in a appougised like way

"Sorry. I havent buiness has been poor toady. I have only seen you and Ruby Rose here today "

Sora asked confused by the other name

"Ruby Rose ?"

The Old Man then pointed to the woman with the red hood as Sora then watched as the Elder Man then exsplained

"yeah shes my best customer. No matter what day it is a buesy or calm day she always comes in here for Dust "

Sora then blinked at this and asked

"Dust, what is that ?"

The Elder Man then chuckled thinking Sora ment that as a Joke

"Young Lad don't you remember that Dust impowers your semblince."

he then showed Sora some of the Dust and the Keyblade welder was stunned saying

"Wow, I Never seen those things in my life "

The Elder Man then scratched his head and said confused by Sora's comment

"You Havent were are you from ?"

Sora again scratched his head and said

"Um its along stor......"

however the sound of the enterince bell cought there attengion as then turned around to see who it was a stange man with Orenge hair and a mob like attire with a cigare in his mouth walked into the shop Sora did not know who this person was but the Shopkeeper on the other hand looked like he knew who it was Roman Torchwick.

The henchmen look around and at the Dust crystals in the display when Roman approaches the elderly shopkeeper. Sora looked puzzeld at what was going on

Roman: (flicking his cigar) Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Dust shop open this late?

One of the henchman points his gun at the shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper: (raising his hands) P-please! Just take my Lien and leave!

Roman: Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh, calm down, we're not here for your money. (to the henchmen) Grab the Dust.

A henchman opens a case and removes one of several cylinders, which the group uses to take Dust from the tube containers on the walls.

Sora however then had enougth of this as he then summoned his Keyblade stating

Sora: Hay I don't know who you are but you better back off

Roman looking at this at first puzzeld but then went back to his calm demener

Roman: wow,wow,wow what kind of toys have your parents been letting you play with Kid

Sora looked crossed at that remark

Sora: I'm not a kid

Roman then tounted him again saying

Roman: Yeah,Yeah whatever

he then looked at one of his Henchmen and told them

Roman: whats the hold up Grab the freking dust already

The Henchman then nooded

Henchman 1: (placing another open case on the display to the shopkeeper) Crystals. Burn. Uncut.

The shopkeeper proceeds to fill the case.

Sora was getting really annoied with how they were just taking the old guys stuff he then yelled to them

Sora: I said back off !

Roman however just chuckled and said

Roman: Haha look at who wants to be the hero now. Look Spiky if you want to play well play

As another henchman goes for another tube, he hears the muted This Will Be the Day song from the girl's direction, and unsheathes his sword.

Henchman 2: (pointing his sword at her back) Alright kid, put your hands where I can see 'em. (no response) Hey, I said hands in the air! You got a death wish or something!?

He goes over to her and turns her around, the hood dropping to reveal a surprised Ruby Rose wearing headphones. He motions for her to lower them.

Ruby: (doing so) Yes?

Henchman 2: I said, put your hands in the air, now!

Ruby: Are you... robbing me?

Henchman 2: Yes!

Ruby: Ooohhh...

As Sora was ready to fight Roman's men they were sarounding the Keyblade Welder when a "Hey!" and "Hyah!" are heard, and the threatening henchman flies past him. Roman calmly motions for another to handle Ruby.

Henchman 1: (raising his gun at her) Freeze!

Cut to outside the shop, when the henchman and Ruby crash through the window. The other men look outside as Ruby gets up and unfolds Crescent Rose into its scythe form. Roman scowls, but Ruby smiles back at them before twirling the weapon around, striking it into the ground and turning off her headphones.

Roman: Okayyy... (to his remaining henchmen) Get her!

[Player Ruby. Goal defete Romans Thugs until time runs out ]

as from the other Window Sora looked amazed at how well Ruby was fighting and said

Sora: ?

Sora suddnley then spotted while everyone was fighting small dark collerd Shadows suddnley appeard and took form Sora instaintly reconized this and said

Sora: Heartless ?

Sora looked determend and jumped out of the window as one Heartless tried to attack an unknown Ruby luckly for her in the split second she reolized what it was Sora then slashed it as they went back to back Ruby qurestioned

Ruby: Hu who are you ?

Sora then said in his cherry way

Sora: The Names Sora. Don't need to tell me your name is Ruby Right ?

Ruby blinked surprised and asked

Ruby: wait are you a magician?

Sora shock his head confused by Ruby's comment

Sora: what no the Shop owner told me. Anyways ......

while Sora was trying to exsplain he did not notice that Ruby looked like she was gushing over Soras sword

Sora: I'll deal with the Heartless, you can deal with those Goons got it

as Ruby was out of her trance she shook her head and said

Ruby: Oh.....Ok then

as both of them were ready to fight again

[Player Sora Goal take down the Heartless that came to this world ]

After Sora Defetes all the Heartless or what he thought were all the Heartless Ruby fires again and brings the side down on one Goon and dodges the next's gunfire with her rifle's speed, getting close enough to knock him into the air and follow him upwards so she can beat him away to Roman's feet.

Roman: You were worth every cent. Truly, you were. (to Ruby and Sora , dropping his cigar and crushing it with his cane as approaching police sirens are heard) Well, Red,Spikey, I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening, and as much as I'd love to stick around... (raises his cane and opens the bottom to reveal a rifle with a cross grid) ...I'm afraid this is where we part ways.

Roman unleashes a red blast at Ruby, who fires at the ground and leaps over it. When she lands and looks up, Roman isn't there, and is climbing up a ladder on a nearby building.

Ruby: (to the onlooking shopkeeper) You okay if I go after him?

The shopkeeper gives a short "Uh huh", and Ruby was about to set off she was then intreupted by something.

Sora: Ruby

Ruby then turned to Sora who then told her

Sora: I'll come after him as well

Ruby then nooded as then both the Huntress and Keyblade Welder in trainning then followed Roman

[Goal : Catch Roman before he gets away, Heartless well get in the way of that]

as Sora and Ruby climbed the top of the roof they suddnley heard Roman yell out

Roman: What the Hell !?

as they then spotted themselfs that many Heartless were Blocking Roman of his path to his annoyince he then pulled out a scrull and said

Roman: Gah these things arnt Grim. But they sure are proscetent like them I'll have to text her to pick me up at another rooftop

as he then fired a Beam from his cane at the Heartless witch while it did not destory them it did blind them enougth for him to escape. Ruby then pointed out confused at those things were coming towards them

Ruby: as much as a jerk he is. Hes right about one thing these things are Grim

Sora then looked at her and pointed out

Sora: No there Heartless. Becareful one wrong move and they well steal your heart

Ruby then looked shocked and yelled

Ruby: steal my heart thats not very healthy

as then The Heartless spotted them and charged for Sora and Ruby until

?: Sora heads up

Sora then looked shocked as then a dark blue blure and a Pink Blure then swinged by and destoryed the heartless he looked happy who is was and said glad to see them ok

Sora: Riku,Kairi!

Riku then said in a joking like big brother tone

Riku: Great what mess did you get us into this time Sora ?

Sora looked annoyied as Kairi then chuckled

Sora: Hay this isen't my fault Riku

Ruby was trying to hold in her exsactment for seeing both Riku's and Kairi's Keyblades before asking

Ruby: Take it you three are friends hu ?

Kairi then was the first to speak

Kairi: Yeah we are. I'm Kairi by the way

Riku then simply said in the Riku kind of way

Riku: Riku

Ruby then said in a joking like tone

Ruby: Ruby Rose, but maybe we should cut the intreaductions till AFTER we catch the bad guy deal ?

as the three nooded the four of them then chaised after Roman

[Player Your choice between Riku or Kairi, Goal do not let Roman escape ]

as the four of them got back to a corridore Roman then yelled out again

Roman: are you kidding me AGAIN !

as he again was sarounded by Heartless he looked even more crossed than before becouse of this gritting his teeth Sora then tells him

Sora: Its the end of the Line um ......

Sora then reolised he did not catch Romans name and asked

Sora: say what was your name again ?

Roman then turned around and said as he then notice

Roman: Oh looks like Red and Spikey got themselfs some back up please

he then looked crossed at this and said

Roman: Then tell me is it a small corincedince when I first see you four and then these Freaks show up tell me what the hell are these things ?

Ruby then scratched her head and admits

Ruby: Hay don't blame me I only know as much as you do

Riku then decided to tell him saying

Riku: There called Heartless. There the darkness in someones heart taken form and they seek another hearts to consome.

Roman then got an idea and yelled out

Roman:Gah are you telling me these things want to eat my heart like a box of chiros yeah not happaning

he then pulled out his cane again and fired a blast at the ground blinding the Heartless again to escape as Kairi then pointed it out

Kairi: Hes escaping

?: No swet we got this

everyone then heard a famiyer voice as Sora then exsaplined with a smile

Sora: That voice .......

as then from the sky someone jumped down and cut Heartless down with two Keyblades in his hands as then Sora said happy seeing who it was

Sora: Roxas !

Roxas then told Sora

Roxas: Sora,Riku,Kairi.....Um Girl we got this coverd go after that guy

Kairi qurestioned odley

Kairi: we ?

Ruby was however qurestioably asked something else

Ruby: GIRL ?!

however it was at that moment were three other figures appeard from the shadows and started to cut down the Heartless as Sora reoconised saying

Sora: Axel,Xion,Nameine

Lea after cutting down a Heartless yelled out

Lea: for the Last time its LEA!

Riku then looked like he understood and said

Riku: Looks like they got sent to this world as well

Ruby looked odd at this and asked

Ruby: Sent to this world, Hold up are you saying you guys are from other world ?

Sora then nooded and said

Sora: Pretty much

However Kairi then staired at her own former Nobody Namine and yelled out shock

Kairi: Namine you have a Keyblade ?

Namine then looked back at her and told her

Namine: Yeah But I'll exsplain that later just go well catch up with you .......

as the four of them then ran the four who were left fought the Heartless as Lea simpley said still annoiyed

Lea: Ugh when are people ever going to say my name right

Xion then said next to him with a smile

Xion: I'm sure one day they well Axel

Lea then facepalmed at that comment

Xion then appougised and said

Xion: I Meen Lea sorry still getting used to it

Lea then had a no big deal attatude and said

Lea: ah mistakes happen. Besides atleast I can take My frustrations out on these things

Roxas then jumped next to them as Namine stating

Roxas: Thats right, but we have to take these Heartless down before that crook would get away so we have to make this fast so you ready ?

Lea,Xion and Namine all then said at the same time

Lea,Xion and Namine: Right !

[Player Choice of Roxas,Lea,Xion or Namine, Goal defete the Heartless ]

onece that is over you play one of the four others

[Goal Don't let Roman escape, Heartless well block the way for you ]

Sora,Riku,Kair and Ruby then finaly got ontop of the roof

Ruby: Hey!

Roman: (stopping at the edge) Persistent...

as he then saw the Heartless appeard and his ride has yet to show up Roman then turned around and said annoiyed yet he then had a smile as he then pointed behind them the four of them then turned around and saw that there were Wyvern trying to get them as the Three Keyblade Welders then pulled out there Keyblades and Ruby held her scythe

Roman then yelled out saying

Roman: I'm not going to get my heart sucked out of my chest today you four rats on the other hand

however before the Wyvern could get them there were three lines of Sky like Green,Earth like Red and Water like Water as they desntagrated three others then stood in there place Ruby had to ask

Ruby: wow who are those three ?

Sora: Ven!

Riku: Terra!

Kairi: Aqua!

Ruby turned around to them and said shugging her shoulders

Ruby: Guess that answers that

Ven was the first out of the three yelled to Sora

Ven: Hay Sora, Whats going on I thought you were fighting Xehanort before we all ended up here got any clues

Sora then rubbed the back of his head admiting

Sora: Sorry Ven No clue

Roman was getting really annoied with this and yelled out

Roman: gah were do these freaks keep coming from

However Terra's voice then intrerupted everyone as he then said

Terra: if you want to blame someone for the Heartless being attached to you blame yourself

Roman then looked odd at this and asked the new guys

Roman: what are you three talking about

Aqua then spoke out and said

Aqua: its the Darkness in your heart. Its drawing the Heartless to you !

Roman then looked crossed by this as then Kairi then pointed out

Kairi: Aqua's right. having that amount of Darkness in your heart is not healphy

Ruby then rubbed the back of her head she did not get all the constenit talk of Darkness and Hearts but all well Roman however then didn't seem to care

Roman: ha like I care, But seeing as my rides seems alittle late hows about we have ourselfs alittle tussel

as he then pointed his cane at the seven of them they all looked ready to fight Roman

Boss Battle [Defete Roman with Ven,Aqua or Terra [Sora,Riku,Kairi and Ruby well be back up like the two that you did not pick ]

After the fight

Roman was on his knees before he then said

Roman: Gah you know I have had enougth of this

he then stood as everyone readies to fight him, but a getaway Bullhead rises up and opens the hatch to allow Roman inside.

Roman: (turning around and holding up a red Dust gem mostly talking to Ruby) End of the line, Red.

Ven then yelled for everyone

Ven: Look out !

He throws it out at her feet and fires at her, resulting in a large explosion.

Roman: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! (stops laughing when he sees something on the roof) Huh?

A woman in a purple cape is now in front of Ruby, casting a circle of protection over them with her wand. As Ruby looks on, Glynda Goodwitch waves her weapon and summons several streaks of purple at the craft.

Sora then stared at who she was and admits shock

Sora: wow who is that?

Ruby looked at her as if she got an idea in her head until

?: Hay Sora,Ven !

The six there with Ruby then looked over to see Roxas run over with his group as he then looked stunned and said

Roxas: wow when did that Helicoper show up and whose that woman ?

Ven then chose to speak and exspalin

Ven: don't know looks like whoever this is hes not alone

Lea however then summoned his Keyblade as he then had a smirk and said

Lea: docent matter. Well just burn it down

as then the ten with Ruby and Goodwitch then went to stop the Helicopter from escaping

[Boss Battle VS The Helicopter [note to damege the Helicopter attack the Heartless and knock them into it the Helicoper well go down and then you can hit it with your Keyblade over and over until he gets fixed and goes in the air again [play as anyone exspect Goodwitch ]

Mid battle cutscene

Roman is thrown around in the back until he goes to the cockpit, where a woman in red, her face unseen, is struggling with the controls.

Roman: We got a Huntress!

The woman gets up and heads toward the back as Roman takes the controls.

Glynda glows purple for a moment and aims another blast above the craft, resulting in a dark storm-cloud right over the jet.

Roman: The hell...?

With a flick of her wand, large jagged hail starts falling that pummels the jet and even breaks through the window, narrowly missing Roman's head.

The woman reaches the back and her arms and chest light up like fire, aiming a burst of energy at Glynda. The Huntress blocks it, but the flame splatters behind her and glows hot with the enemy's raised hand. Glynda back-flips out of the explosion, which destroys part of the roof, and magically gathers the shards to create a large arrow, which she throws at the craft.

the others were talking about this as then Lea then pointed out

Lea: looks like we got an Uninvited Guest

Xion then asked confused over who it was

Xion: but who is it ?

as she then put up her barrier to were Riku and Kairi were Aqua then asked the latter two becouse one was a Keyblade Master and a Princess of Heart so they would sense darkness in peoples hearts

Aqua: Riku,Kairi you feel that ?

Riku nooded and declared

Riku: Yeah whoever that Woman is she wrecks of Darkness

Kairi then added as well

Kairi: it appears that way. Whoever she is she might of made a deal with someone like Xeahnort

Terra looking over at what the three were talking he then gripped his hands crossley even by the meare mention of that name he then said in a more sad and regretting kind of way

Terra: Xehanort !

as he then smashed a Heartless hard with his Keyblade unknown to anyone there Terra was still annoied over the fact he let himself be possissed by Xehanort Ruby who heard all that The Keyblade Masters and Princess of Heart then said

Ruby: Darkness hole up you guys can sense darkness for real?

Roxas then exsplained to her

Roxas: not all of us can.

Ven then added to that

Ven: Yeah lets just say those guys have the extra gifts that allow them to do that

Ruby then nooded as she then said

Ruby:Oh........guess your both the smart twin hu

both Roxas and Ven looked confused by this at first before they look at each other and get it they then yell at her

Both: Hay hes not my twin !

Ruby looked confused by this and acts

Ruby: Hu?

Namine then told her as she then swinged at a nearby Heartless

Namine: Its along story

Ruby again looked so confused by this Sora then yelled to everyone

Sora: there escaping

as everyone heard that they then went back to fighting the Helicopter

[Boss Battle Vs The Woman and the Heicopter[It well work like before but this time the woman well keep fireing fire attacks at everyone even killing some heartless in the process so you would not knock them into the chopper ]

The Chopper however then escapes the heroes then saw this as Sora then looked sad admited

Sora: they got away

Riku however then tried to cheer his friend up

Riku: No problem, well get him next time

Ruby, finally acting, reverts her scythe into its rifle form to fire at the woman, who blocks each shot and creates several blazing circles around her two opponents. Glynda telekinetically pushes Ruby and rolls herself out of the explosion's radius; looking up to see the hatch close and the craft fly away.

Ruby: (looking at Glynda) You're a Huntress! (putting on a pleading, awe-stricken face) Can I have your autograph?!


The scene cuts to Ruby's amazed face turn to one of shame as Glynda, with a tablet computer, paces around the table Ruby is seated at, right underneath a bright light in the otherwise dark room.Glynda also told Sora and co to meet her and some guy called Ospin in the next room.

Glynda: I hope that you realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly, young lady. You put yourself and others in great danger.

Ruby: They started it!

Glynda: If it were up to me, you'd be sent home... With a pat on the back... (she notices Ruby's smile) ...And a slap on the wrist." (she demonstrates with her riding crop, which Ruby barely avoids as she gives out an "Eeek!) But... there is someone here who would like to meet you.

She moves out of the way so a surprised Ruby can see a man in green come through the doorway, holding a mug and a plate of cookies.

Ozpin: Ruby Rose... (leans in to look at her face) You... have silver eyes.

Ruby: Uh, um...

Ozpin: So! Where did you learn to do this? (gesturing with his head at the tablet showing Ruby's fighting)

Ruby: S-Signal Academy.

Ozpin: They taught you to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?

Ruby: Well, one teacher in particular.

Ozpin: I see...

He puts the cookies on the table in front of Ruby. She tentatively picks one up, eats it in a single bite, and then, not seeing any rebuttal, shovels the rest into her mouth.

Ozpin: It's just that I've only seen one other scythe-wielder of that skill before. A dusty, old crow...

Ruby: (mumbles through her full mouth) Oh! That's my uncle! (she then swallows and wipes her mouth, embarrassed) Sorry. That's my Uncle Qrow! He's a teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing. And now, I'm all like— Hooowaaah! Witchaaaa! (proceeds to make some karate-style poses and noises)

Ozpin: So I've noticed. (placing his cup on the table as he leans in, then sits down opposite Ruby) And what is an adorable girl such as yourself doing at a school designed to train warriors?

Ruby: Well... I want to be a Huntress.

Ozpin: You want to slay monsters?

Ruby: Yeah! I only have two more years of training left at Signal! And then I'm going to apply to Beacon! (talking faster and faster with her enthusiasm growing) You see, my sister's starting there this year, and she's trying to become a Huntress, and I'm trying to become a Huntress 'cause I wanna help people. My parents always taught us to help others, so I thought, Hey, I might as well make a career out of it! (giggles) I mean the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and cool and really, gosh, you know! (flips out at the last part, staring at the two with a wide, crazy smile)

Glynda and Ozpin study her.

Ozpin: Do you know who I am?

Ruby: You're Professor Ozpin. You're the headmaster at Beacon.

Ozpin: (smiling) Hello.

Ruby: Nice to meet you.

Ozpin: You want to come to my school?

Ruby: More than anything.

Ozpin: (exchanging glances with Glynda, who shows her disapproval with a "Hmmph" before he turns back to Ruby) Well, okay.

Ruby smiles, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

as they walked out of the room Glynda then voiced her concerns quitly so Ruby would not hear her

Glynda: You think its wise to let that girl into Beacon, Shes like a lose cannon with all due respect headmaster

Ospin however then had a friendly chuckle as he then told her

Ospin: Beleve me Glynda, something about this Ruby Rose is telling me she is destend for great things

he then looked seriues and asked

Ospin: Now on to the other Uninvited guests

Glynda then nooded as the two of them opend a door walking towards were Sora and Co were waiting


In the next room all ten Keyblade welders were sitting on seats while both Lea and Terra were laning on walls on opperset sides of the room Glynda had told them to wait there for someone in the mean time they were talking about the resent events as Sora then discoverd something and asked

Sora: So noone knows how we got here ?

the others nooded as Roxas confeesses for everyone

Roxas: Yeah Sora. we were all like you we saw you fighting Xehanort and freed me,Ven and Xion from your heart and Namine from Kairi's but then everything went blink

Sora crossed his arms in confusion and admits

Sora: Hu thats weired I still have no idea if I beat Xehanort or not

Riku then intreupted and said

Riku: also the Heartless suddnley showed up in this world as well due to the Darkness in some peoples hearts here

Kairi then interupted and said

Kairi: Thats correct. that Roman guy had allot of Darkness but that woman that was with him

Ven however looked sure about something and admits

Ven: Guys I'm sure Sora beat Xehanort.

The others looked at him as he then pointed to Terra saying

Ven: Xehanort was using Terra's body as a Vessel. But now Terra's free so that means Xehanort was beaten

the others becides Terra and Aqua looked as if they agreed with Ven that was until

Terra: Ven that isn't true

the others then looked at him as Terra then looked at his hand and admtis

Terra: while it is true Xehanort is no longer apart of me. Remeber he had twelth other vessels he could of jumped into another one after I was freed

as the others looked down at this as Aqua then admits next

Aqua: I'm afried thats correct. Xeahnort had many backups incase he failed in the past who knows he could of followed us here.

she then touched her chest alittle and said sadly

Aqua: and like that woman she has a simmler yet weaker darkness like Kairi Mentioned so he might be planting seeds in this dimention

the others who heard this looks upset as Xion then said

Xion: thats .......worring

Namine then told her as well

Namine: You said it

Kairi then looked at her former Nobody and qurestioned

Kairi: Namine can I finaly get my.........

however it was at that moment the door opend