This a list of Backyardigans: The Wrath of Pandora's Box trophies/achievements.

Trophies/Achievements List


  • Top Backyardigan: Get all of the trophies in the game.


  • Snack Time!: Complete the Game
  • Super Team Awesome!: Fully upgrade all Backyardigans
  • The Ultimate Challenge: Defeat Ultimate Pandora
  • Nothing Too Tough For Us: Complete a boss level without running out of health


  • Save The Day: Complete The Grand Finale
  • Green with Envy: Defeat Evelyn Envy
  • Greed isn't Always Good: Defeat Gertrude Greed
  • Cooling a Temper: Defeat William Wrath
  • Slothed Out: Defeat Sidney Sloth
  • With Care, With Love, With Pride: Defeat Percival Pride
  • Don't Trust the Lust: Defeat Larry Lust
  • Glutton For Punishment: Defeat Gary Gluttony
  • Clam Chowder: Defeat the Clambot
  • Turret Trouble: Defeat Pandora's Turret


Hidden [Bronze]:

  • Tale of the Mighty Knights: Complete Knightly Countryside
  • The Heart of the Jungle: Complete Tropical Jungle
  • Ridin' The Range: Complete Western Desert
  • The Secret of Snow: Complete Snowy Glacier
  • Scared of You: Complete Haunted House
  • The Legend of the Volcano Sisters: Complete Volcano Island
  • Robot Rampage: Complete Mega City
  • Into The Deep: Complete Deep Ocean
  • Race to The Tower of Power: Complete Pandora's Fortress
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