this is the trophy list for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Game.

List of Trophies:


  • Platinum Underpants: Get all of the trophies.


  • Hard Knock Life: Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
  • Weird Al: Watch the credits all the way through.
  • Attack of the Stuck on Hold Woman: Complete the Attack of the Stuck on Hold Woman bonus level
  • I'm Telling!: Defeat Melvin Sneedly without being hit
  • Plikey's Law: Defeat Professor Poopypants without being hit


  • Middle School: Complete the game on Medium difficulty [this trophy can also be earned on Hard mode]
  • Brain of Ze Average Child: Complete the Brain Battle bonus level
  • Captain Underpants: Find all Golden Underpants
  • Trouble times 3: Defeat Zorx, Klax and Jennifer without being hit
  • Stinky Armor: Defeat Sir Stinks-A-Lot without being hit
  • Ribble's Revenge: Defeat Wedgie Woman without being hit
  • Royal Flush: Defeat the Turbo Toilet 2000 without being hit


  • Cliffhanger: Level 1 completed.
  • Whoever heard of a friendly Zombie Nerd?: Level 2 completed.
  • Rockin' The Suburbs!: Level 3 completed
  • Edith Rescued!: Level 4 completed
  • Rooftop Rumble: Level 5 completed
  • I Stink, Therefore You Win: Level 6 completed
  • Kingdom Battle: Level 7 completed
  • Who Stinks-A-Lot Now?: Level 8 completed
  • Clone Home: Level 9 completed
  • Save the City: Level 10 completed
  • Wedgie Time: Level 11 completed
  • Here We Go Again!: Level 12 completed
  • Take the Plunge: Level 13 completed
  • It's an egg-salad sandwich!: Level 14 completed
  • Tattle Turmoil: Level 15 completed
  • Final Battle: Level 16 completed
  • Easy as Underpants: Complete the game on Easy difficulty. [this trophy can also be earned on Hard mode]
  • Breakneck Beard: Defeat 50 clones as George in Level 9
  • Hide the H20: Fall into water as Captain Underpants
  • Farmer Dolphins?!: Jump on the dolphins in Level 14 as Harold
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