This is a list of quotes in DreamWorks Battle Royale 2.

Moon Boy's Menu Quotes


  • Story Mode!
  • Battle Mode!
  • Choose your character!
  • Options!
  • Extras!
  • Arcade Mode!
  • Shop!
  • Spirit Hunt!
  • Choose the stage you want to play on!

Completing a Spirit Battle:

  • Wow! How cool was that?!
  • Well done!
  • Oh yeah!
  • Awesome!
  • Wow! You're amazing!
  • Victory!
  • Congrats on showing the enemies who was the boss!

Failing a Spirit Battle:

  • It's not ALWAYS about winning you know.
  • Don't give up now!
  • Let's just pretend that was practice, ok?
  • Uhhh... we'll try that again, shall we?
  • Try again! Please.
  • Defeat!

Super Attack:

  • Super Attack!
  • Here comes something to rock things up!
  • Unleash the fury!


  • Oooh, that was nasty!
  • Painful!
  • Epic KO!
  • That'll hurt.

Character Quotes


Game Script:

Intro Cutscene:


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