This a list of DreamWorks Battle Royale Trophies/achievements.

Trophies/Achievements List


  • Platinum Dream: Get all of the trophies in the game.


  • Character Clearout: Get all of the playable characters in the game.
  • Costume Clearout: Get all of the playable characters' secret costumes in the game.
  • Stage Clearout: Get all of the stages in the game.
  • BIG Spender: get 10000 points to spend in the shop.
  • DreamWorks Forever After: Complete Story Mode on Hard Difficulty.
  • Elite Agent: Complete every last mission in mission mode.
  • Master Classed: Complete any mission of mission mode on Nightmare difficulty.


  • Disrupting the Disruptor: Complete Story Mode.
  • Shrek Fan: Complete the Shrek theme in Story Mode.
  • Madagascar Fan: Complete the Madagascar theme in Story Mode.
  • Shark Tale Fan: Complete the Shark Tale theme in Story Mode.
  • Over the Hedge Fan: Complete the Over the Hedge theme in Story Mode.
  • Monsters vs Aliens Fan: Complete the Monsters vs Aliens theme in Story Mode.
  • How To Train Your Dragon Fan: Complete the How To Train Your Dragon theme in Story Mode.
  • Bee Movie Fan: Complete the Bee Movie theme in Story Mode.
  • Kung Fu Panda Fan: Complete the Kung Fu Panda theme in Story Mode.
  • Rise of the Guardians Fan: Complete the Rise of the Guardians theme in Story Mode.
  • The Croods Fan: Complete the Croods theme in Story Mode.
  • Megamind Fan: Complete the Megamind theme in Story Mode.
  • The Cat in The Hat Fan: Complete the Cat in the Hat Theme in Story Mode.

Bronze [Hidden]:

  • Happily Ever After: Complete Arcade mode for the first time with any character.
  • Royal Pain: Win 10 matches as Shrek in his alternate costume.
  • Mrs. Fiona Charming: Win a Team Battle as Prince Charming with Princess Fiona as his teammate.
  • Sharkslayer: Score 3 knockouts with Oscar's Super Move
  • Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Afro!: Win 10 matches as Marty in his alternate costume.
  • Hammy Goes Nuts Everywhere!: Activate Hammy's Assist on all the Over the Hedge Stages.
  • These are Winter Boots: Activate Ken's assist whilst fighting against Barry.
  • I am the Dragon Warrior: Win 10 fights as Po in his alternate costume.
  • Fastest Monster: Get through the San Francisco Attack level in Story Mode in at least 6 minutes or less.
  • Past vs. Now: Win a match as Hiccup in his Alternate Costume against Hiccup in his normal outfit.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: Defeat the Mind-Controlled Hideous Zippleback in Story mode as Hiccup without dying.
  • Highway to Hell: Activate Megamind's Super Move and Turbo's assist in the same fight.
  • Casual Friday: Win 15 fights as Tighten in his alternate costume.
  • Pitch On Ice: Defeat Pitch in story mode as Jack Frost without dying.
  • Daddy's Little Girl: Activate Sandy's assist.
  • WABAC FURVUR: Score 3 knockouts with Mr. Peabody & Sherman's Super Move on the WABAC stage.
  • Now That's Just Crate!: Score 3 knockouts with the Cat in the Hat's Super Move.
  • Disrupted Finale: Defeat the Final boss of Story mode without dying.
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