Trophy list


  • Lock and Load, Lizard! - Get all trophies


  • It's Tail Time! - Beat Planet X.
  • Remote Collector - Get all remotes.
  • I'm Invincible! - Beat the game with no death.


  • Sweet Like Candy - Eat every Power-ups once.
  • Kill your TV, man - Beat every level.
  • So this is New Jersey - Defeat Rez.
  • Who opened the can of Whoop-ass? - Get Planet X Remote.
  • Bonus! - Complete all bonus levels.


  • Tell the slime boy, nice touch - Defeat Morphina in Cemetery.
  • Wish these stars looked more realistic - Defeat The Flatulator in New Toonland.
  • Jungle Boogie - Defeat Sun Snake in Jungle Isle.
  • Listen to me, Grasshopper - Defeat Toxic Turtle in Kung Fuville.
  • Need it, Need it, Need it - Get 100 fly coins.
  • No Scratch - Complete the level without taking damage.
  • Nostalgia'd Off! - Find a VHS tape in any level.
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