Name Description
Alohomora Unlocking charm. Useful for unlocking most doors, chests and other locked items.
Colloportus Locks doors. Useful for escaping from Prefects or members of Hogwarts Staff when in restricted areas or sneaking around after curfew.
Lumos Wand lighting charm. Used as a light source when entering dark areas and useful for finding hidden things shrouded in the dark.
Spongify Softening Charm. Used for turning the ground spongy and springy, can be used for breaking the player's fall to not hurt themselves.
Wingardium Leviosa


Name Description
Antidote to Common Poisons Cures the effects of common poisons such as from creature bites.


Can't explore Hogwarts and attend lessons on an empty stomach. Throughout the game, players will come across food, drinks and sweets that will come in handy if Harry's missing some health.

Name Description
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans A risk based consumable. If Harry picks a bean he likes, his health refills. If it's a bean he hates, he'll spit it out.
Cauldron Cakes
Chocolate Frogs With every Chocolate Frog package opened, players will receive a Famous Witches & Wizards Card along with a health refill from the Chocolate Frog.
Drooble's Best Blowing Gum Not really for health, but take one and feel free to watch Harry blow bluebell coloured bubbles.
Jelly Slugs Slug shaped gummy sweets.
Liquorice Wands
Pumpkin Pasties Pastries filled with pumpkin.


At anytime outside of quests, Harry is able to change into any outfit he has gained through the game in his Dormitory.

Name Description
Dudley's Old Clothes Old, worn out clothes of Harry's bullying cousin Dudley.
Pointed Hat A pointed black hat worn by Hogwarts students.
Winter Cloak A black cloak with silver fastenings.
Knitted Jumper An emerald green jumper given to Harry for Christmas by Mrs Weasley.

Bonus Menu

The Bonus Menu acts as a game changer for all players, allowing for them to change things around them according to the unlocked cheat. This can only be used after beating the main story (Endless Hogwarts).

Cheat Description
Hallowe'en When active, Hogwarts will be decorated as it would be during Hallowe'en. The Hallowe'en Feast will also be active at night before curfew begins.
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