this is the trophy list for Jimmy Neutron: Generations

List of Trophies


  • Platinum Genius: Get all the other trophies.


  • Brain Blast: Get all of Jimmy's memoirs
  • Sunny Side Up: Defeat the Final Boss without getting defeated
  • Upgrade A Plus: Upgrade all of Modern and Classic Jimmy's gadgets


  • Time's Up: Defeat the final boss and save Retroville.
  • Hard Boiled: Defeat Classic King Goobot
  • Professor Calamitous, I Presume: Defeat Professor Calamitous
  • Cluck Cluck: Defeat Modern King Goobot and Poultra
  • Movie Memoirs: finish both acts of all movie moment levels
  • Jimmy Neutron: Bonus Genius: finish both acts of all bonus levels
  • A Genius Upgrade: Upgrade one of Modern or Classic Jimmy's Gadgets


  • Time For School: Complete the tutorial.
  • Runaway Rocketboy: Finish both acts of the Rocket Rush Level
  • When Pants Attack: Finish both acts of the Fortress of Pants Level
  • Jimmy On Ice: Finish both acts of the Frozen Retroville Level
  • Beach Party Mummy: Finish both acts of the Egyptian Tomb Level
  • Holly Jolly Jimmy: Finish both acts of the Santa's Workshop Level
  • Attack of the Twonkies: Finish both acts of the Caverns of Twonkus 3 Level
  • Who Framed Jimmy Neutron: Finish both acts of the Prison Break Level
  • The Evil Beneath: Finish both acts of the Dr. Sydney Orville Moist's lair Level
  • Vanishing Act: Finish both acts of The Great Spamdini's Magic Dimension Level
  • Dental Problems: Defeat Dr Pane
  • Not So Beautiful Gorgeous Now!: Defeat Beautiful Gorgeous
  • The Trouble with Clones: Defeat the Evil Jimmy Clone
  • Classic 100: Defeat 100 enemies as Classic Jimmy
  • Modern 100: Defeat 100 enemies as Modern Jimmy
  • A Genius Enemy Encyclopedia: defeat at least one type of every enemy in the game. Bosses don't count.
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