Trophy list


  • The Hero of Gallowmere - Get all trophies.


  • I'm Coming For You, Zarok! - Finish The Entrance Hall.
  • Clock is Ticking Now - Finish The Time Device.
  • How the Battle Would Have Ended - Finish Zarok's Lair and defeat Zarok once & for all.
  • Crypt Killer - Beat the game by only using Arm, Small Sword and Throwing Daggers.
  • Armed - Beat the entire game by using only Arm (using other items necessary to advance the game is allowed).
  • I'm the True Hero Now - Collect all Chalices and be declared a true hero.


  • Not so Heroic After All - Complete the game without earning a single chalice reward.
  • Mayor's So Kind to Me - Finish Inside the Asylum.
  • Witch of the Forest - Finish The Enchanted Earth.
  • How Many Ants are There? - Finish The Ant Caves.
  • This is Where I Died Long Ago - Finish Pools of the Ancient Dead.
  • I Can't Swim in Mellowmede - Finish The Lake.
  • Those Crystals Are Shiny - Finish The Crystal Caves.
  • They're Executed For Real - Finish The Gallows Gauntlet.
  • I'm Not Scared - Finish The Haunted Ruins.
  • Aarh to Yourself! - Finish The Ghost Ship.
  • Man Overboard! - Complete The Ghost Ship without falling off the ship.
  • Declared Sane - Complete Inside the Asylum without taking damage.
  • Logician - Complete The Asylum Grounds in less than 10 minutes.
  • Heroic - Speak to every hero in the Hall of Heroes.
  • Beware My Arsenal - Collect and get all Weapons and Items (plus those from Hall of Heroes).
  • Bling Bling Danny Boy - Have over 10,000 gold pieces in your possession.


  • A Second Chance - Finish Dan's Crypt.
  • Welcome Back to Your Beloved Gallowmere - Finish The Graveyard.
  • My Old Enemy Pursues Me - Finish Cemetery Hill.
  • Demon of the Opera - Finish The Hilltop Mausoleum.
  • Back to My Grave - Finish Return to the Graveyard.
  • Not Anymore Scarecrows - Finish Scarecrow Fields.
  • Pumpkin Horror - Finish Pumpkin Gorge.
  • Say Hi to The Pumpkin King - Finish The Pumpkin Serpent.
  • Never Wake Villagers Up - Finish The Sleeping Village.
  • Enough Riddles - Finish the Asylum Grounds.
  • Gallowmere Historian - Read every book.
  • Rival - Defeat the Guardians of the Graveyard by attacking only one guardian.
  • Untouchable - Reach the top of Cemetery Hill without being hit by a rolling boulder.
  • Nice move, Davy Bones! - Fall in the water at least one time.
  • Tastes just like Chicken - Use Chicken Drumstick on 50 enemies.
  • Medic - Collect 9 Life Bottles.
  • Good Samaritan Dan - Don't injure any of the possessed townsfolk in the sleeping village.
  • Snakes on the Plane - Release Kul Katura in Scarecrow Fields.
  • You'll Shoot Your Eye Out - Kill 100 enemies with Crossbow.
  • Journey to Hall of Heroes Begins - Collect your first Chalice of Souls.
  • Hey Big Spender - Spend over 5000 gold pieces.
  • Arm-a gonna haf'ta thump ya - Kill 25 enemies with Arm.
  • A Canny Kill - Kill an enemy by rebounding a crossbow arrow off a wall.
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