This is a list of trophies for the 2013 version of the video game, Meet the Robinsons, as part of Disney's Magical HD Collection.

List of Trophies


  • Science Fair Winner: Collect all other trophies in the game.


  • Save the Future: Defeat Mega Doris
  • Unlucky Scanner!?: Scan 130 items throughout the game.
  • Scanning Complete: Scan every single item with the Scanner.
  • VR Disk Collector: Collect all Chargeball VR Disks


  • Not So Time-Menacing, Now: Defeat the robot guarding the time machine.
  • Army of Giant, Pathetic Ants: Defeat Lizzy
  • Prometheus? More like ProMEHeus!: Defeat Prometheus
  • VR Friends: Collect all Chargeball Opponents VR Disks
  • What's That VR Place?: Collect all Chargeball Courts VR Disks
  • Havoc of the Underground: Complete all Havoc Glove Puzzles
  • Grand Master of Protectospheres: Complete all Protectosphere Courses


  • New Face of Egypt: Escape from Egypt in the time machine.
  • The Future of Scanning: Obtain the Scanner Gadget
  • Real-Life Chargeball: Obtain the Charge Ball Glove
  • Let's Disassemble!: Obtain the Disassembler Gadget
  • Garage Barrage: Find out who changed the garage code and get into it.
  • Messed-Up Science: Complete the Science Fair level
  • Havoc Mayhem: Obtain the Havoc Gloves
  • LEV-Gadget Fan: Obtain the LEV Gun
  • Digging and Havocin': Complete the 1st Havoc Glove Puzzle
  • Acolyte of Protectospheres: Complete the 1st Protectosphere Course


  • Champ Clobber [Sliver]: Defeat the Champ in the Charge Ball Mini-Game
  • Chargeball Champ [Gold]: Defeat all opponents in the Charge Ball Mini-Game.
  • One with the Meatball [Sliver]: Complete all of Uncle Gaston's challenges
  • Invincible Time-Traveler [Bronze]: Defeat the 1st boss without taking damage.
  • C-Ant Touch This [Bronze]: Defeat Lizzy without taking damage.
  • Undermined and Untouched! [Bronze]: Defeat Prometheus without taking damage.
  • Not My Hatty Problem [Silver]: Defeat Mega Doris without taking damage.
  • Security Specialist [Bronze]: Score 25,000 in the Security System
  • Master of Security [Silver]: Score 100,000 in the Security System
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