Trophy list


  • Solid Courage - Get all trophies


  • Metal Gear Wrecks - Destroy Metal Gear REX.
  • Sibling Rivalry Gone Too Far - Defeat Liquid Snake on top of the wrecked Metal Gear REX.
  • What was that noise?! - Complete the game, on extreme, without entering alert mode (except where unavoidable).
  • You Know What You're Doing... - Earn first place in all VR Missions.


  • Six Shooter Shot Down - Defeat Revolver Ocelot.
  • You're One Crazy Man - Take out the Abrams M1A1 tank by yourself.
  • Yes, I Remember That Pain - Defeat Grey Fox.
  • A Big, Bothersome Fly - Beat the Hind D.
  • Wolf Down - Finish Sniper Wolf.
  • As If He's A Demon - Take down Vulcan Raven.
  • Snake Chase - Survive the chase.
  • Where'd He Go? - On Extreme difficulty, enter Alert mode then hide long enough to leave Caution mode.


  • Stool Watcher - See Johnny admire Meryl.
  • You're Pretty Good... - Find the soldier who is urinating.
  • Am I Too Late? - Witness the deaths of DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and AT President Kenneth Baker.
  • Snake, What are you doing? - Get Meryl to slap you.
  • Prey on the Mantis - Defeat Psycho Mantis.
  • Hurt Me More! - Resist torture.
  • I'm Sorry, Johnny. - Submit to torture.
  • Expert Viewfinder - Peer into Meryl's cell enough times to see her underwear.
  • That's Not How it Works - Walk into a wall of security lasers with cigs equipped.
  • ..Mr Kojima?! - Photograph Hideo Kojima's ghost.
  • Fried Snake Anyone? - Walk right onto the electrified floor.
  • Too Much Sa-sake Is Bad For You - Use Otacon's Ketchup to fool Johnny.
  • Fully Briefed - Watch all Briefing tapes from start to finish.
  • High Frequency Escape - Get Grey Fox to cut down your cell door.
  • Special Delivery - Use your box to get transported around the base.
  • I Don't Think That's Lemonade - Get a wolf to urinate on your box.
  • Hiding In Plain Sight - Escape the enemy by diving into the water.
  • It Was In My Way... - Destroy the robotic arm in the lava room.
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