This is a list of all the Minigames in Mario Party 11. In addition to the new minigames found here, many minigames from the older Mario Party games will be returning as well; most of them returning from 'Mario Party: The Top 100', which are marked in Italic. Some of the Minigames are adapted to fit the Nintendo Switch controls. Bold minigames are marked as Bonus minigames, where there is no winner or loser.

New Minigames


Games marked with an asterisk are also Duel minigames.

Name Description Battle


Trouble on the Tracks* Ride your train to the station, but if you pick the wrong track, you'll fly off a cliff! No Yes
Old Skool Play a 8-bit race to the goal! First to reach the flag wins! Yes Yes
The Beat Goes Back Listen to the drummers' beats, and play the same again... in reverse! no
Stop the Press!* Stop the Thwomp as close as you can to your character! no
Chili Weather Pick a sandwich to eat, but don't get the one with the chili pepper! no Yes
Coins and Boos Collect coins, but watch out for the Boos

1 vs Rivals:

Name Description Simple
Lakitu Fishing 1 player must try to catch the others whilst riding on a Lakitu.

2 vs 2:

Duel Minigames:

Extra Minigames:

Returning Minigames

Name Type Game it's from Battle



Crazy Cutter Free-for-All Mario Party Yes
Tug o' War 1 vs 3 Mario Party No
Desert Dash 2 vs 2 Mario Party No
Hexagon Heat Free-for-All Mario Party 2 No
Quicksand Cache 1 vs 3 Mario Party 2 No
Treadmill Grill Free-for-All/Duel Mario Party 3 yes
The Beat Goes On Free-for-all Mario Party 3 no
Tidal Toss 1 vs 3 Mario Party 3 No
Booksquirm Free-for-All Mario Party 4 Yes
Mario Speedwagons Free-for-All Mario Party 4 no
Later Skater Free-for-All/Duel Mario Party 5 No
Heat Stroke 1 vs 3 Mario Party 5 No
Banking Coins 2 vs 2 Mario Party 5 No
Snow Whirled Free-for-All Mario Party 6 No
Black Hole Boogie Duel Mario Party 6 No
Pokey Pummel Free-for-All Mario Party 7 no
Hip Hop Drop Duel Mario Party 7 no
Crank to Rank Free-for-All Mario Party 8 no
Shake it Up Free-for-All/Duel Mario Party 8 no
Peak Precision Free-For-All/Duel Mario Party 9 no
Hazard Hold 1 vs 3 Mario Party 9 no
Flash Forward Free-for-All/Duel Mario Party 10 no
Steal the Beat 1 vs 3 Mario Party 10 no
Bouncy Bounty 2 vs 2 Mario Party 10 no
Boogie Beam Free-for-all/Duel Mario Party DS no
Spin and Bear it Free-for-All Mario Party: Island Tour Yes
Skateboard Scramble Free-for-All/Duel Mario Party: Island Tour no
Jump to Conclusion Free-for-All Mario Party: Star Rush no

Boss Mingames

Italic names return from past Mario Party games.

Name Boss Character
Sock it to Lakitu Lakitu
Petey Piranha's Chocolate Drop Petey Piranha
King Boo's Tricky Tiles King Boo
Morton's Hammer Throw Morton Koopa Jr
Chief Chilly's Smash and Grab Chief Chilly
Bowser's Block Battle Bowser
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