This a list of Nickelodeon Brawl Trophies/achievements.

Trophies/Achievements List


  • 100% Nicktooned: Get all of the trophies in the game.


  • Character Clearout: Get all of the playable characters in the game.
  • Costume Clearout: Get all of the playable characters' secret costumes in the game.
  • Stage Clearout: Get all of the stages in the game.
  • BIG Spender: get 10000 points to spend in the shop.
  • Tough Luck: Complete Story Mode on Insane [Hard] Difficulty
  • Elite Agent: Complete every last mission in mission mode


  • Save the Day: Complete Story Mode
  • Shopaholic: Get Every item in the shop.
  • Arcade Escapade: Complete Arcade Mode with all characters
  • Too Easy For Grandma: Complete Arcade Mode with any character on Easy difficulty
  • A Strange turn of Events: Complete half of the missions in Mission Mode
  • Surprise Guests: Unlock Rango and Skipper as playable characters


  • Save Bikini Bottom: Complete Bikini Bottom in Story Mode
  • Save Amity Park: Complete Amity Park in Story Mode
  • Save the Pupununu Village: Complete the Pupununu Village in Story Mode
  • Save Fairy World: Complete Fairy World in Story Mode
  • Save Retroville: Complete Retroville in Story Mode
  • Save Zim's Town: Complete Zim's Town in Story Mode
  • Save Petropolis: Complete Petropolis in Story Mode.
  • Save Miracle City: Complete Miracle City in Story Mode.
  • Save Volcano Island: Complete Volcano Island in Story Mode
  • First Buyer: Buy 1 item from the shop
  • Story Time: Complete Arcade mode for the first time with any character
  • Mission Complete: Complete 1 mission in mission mode

Bronze [Hidden]:

  • Shanghaied: Defeat the Flying Dutchman in Story mode as any Spongebob character without dying
  • Bursting With Happiness: Score 2 knockouts with Spongebob's Nicktoons Blast
  • Good Neighbours: Activate Squidward's assist whilst fighting against Spongebob and/or Patrick
  • Lights, Camera, Pants!: Win 10 matches as Plankton in his alternate costume
  • One of A Kind: Activate Skulker's assist whilst fighting against Danny
  • Vlad's Vengeance: Win 15 fights as Vlad against Danny
  • Boxed-Up Fury: Activate the Box Ghost's assist whilst fighting against Danny
  • Ghost Zone Zoomin': Get through the Ghost Zone level in Story Mode in 10 minutes or less
  • Crash Nebula, Away!: Score 3 knockouts after using Timmy's Nicktoons Blast
  • Boy Chin Wonder: Win 10 fights as Timmy Turner in his alternate costume
  • Bed, Twerp!: Activate Vicky's assist whilst fighting against Timmy
  • Power Hour Players: Play any level in Story Mode with the Power Hour duo [Jimmy and Timmy] as part of your character team.
  • Professor Calamitous, I Presume: Defeat Professor Calamitous in story mode as Jimmy Neutron without dying
  • Brain Blast: Score at least 2 knockouts with Jimmy's Nicktoons Blast
  • Play Dead, Goddard!: Score a knockout with Goddard's assist
  • Avenging the N-Men: Win 10 fights as Jimmy Neutron in his alternate costume
  • A Shaman's Shaman: Win 10 fights as Traloc against Tak
  • Howl of the Hero: Score 2 knockouts with Lok's Nicktoons Blast
  • Chicken Out: Win 10 fights as Tak in his alternate costume
  • House Party: Activate GIR or Zim's Nicktoons Blast on Zim's House
  • Rush Hour: Get through the Zim's Town level in Story Mode in at least 4 minutes or less.
  • It's Iron Mutt: Score 3 knockouts after using Dudley's Nicktoons Blast
  • Snaptrapped: Defeat Snaptrap in Story mode as Dudley wihtout dying
  • Lean, Mean, and Green: Activate Technus's Nicktoons Blast and the Chameleon's assist in the same fight
  • Who Says a Penguin Can't Fly?: score at least 1 knockout with Skipper's Nicktoons Blast
  • It's Rattlesnake Jake!: Activate Rattlesnake Jake's assist whilst fighting against Rango
  • Casual Friday: Win 5 fights as Rango in his alternate costume.
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