This a list of Phineas and Ferb Racing Trophies/achievements.

Trophies/Achievements List


  • Danville Champion: Get every trophy in the game.


  • Curse You, Racing Champion!: Complete Story Mode
  • It's About Time!: Set time trial records on every course on any difficulty.
  • Dominator-Inator: Win 1st place on all cups in the game
  • Perfect!: Win any cup on any difficulty with a perfect score.
  • The Gang's All Here!: Unlock all characters in the game
  • Movie Night: Complete the whole film reel of the bonus Phineas and Ferb episode film.


  • Too Easy!: Complete all cups on Easy mode
  • Just Right!: Complete all cups on Normal mode
  • Gettin' Tougher!: Complete all cups on Hard mode
  • Experts Allowed!: Complete all cups on Professional mode
  • Through the Looking Glass: Complete all cups on Mirror Mode
  • The Hero Next Door: Unlock Fireman Sam as a playable character.
  • Collected!: Earn all cups in Tournament mode.


  • The Newest Member of the O.W.C.A.: Win the O.W.C.A. Cup
  • Fireside Girl Jamboree: Win the Fireside Girls Cup
  • Doof It Up A Notch: Win the Doofenshmirtz Cup
  • Travelling Though Dimensions: Win the Dimensional Cup
  • Tick-Tock!: Set a time trial record on a course.
  • Film Finder!: Find a piece of the film reel of the bonus Phineas and Ferb episode film.
  • Drift-o-rama: Do an 8 second drift.
  • Done with the Driving Test: Complete the Driving test Tutorial.

Hidden [Bronze]:

  • Busting My Brothers: Strike a powerup hit on Phineas or Ferb as Candace!
  • Robot Riot: Attack at least 8 robots with powerups in the Robot Factory.
  • Doof's Revenge: Strike a powerup hit on Perry as Dr Doofenshmirtz!
  • Sam vs Monogram: As Fireman Sam, strike a hit on Major Monogram.
  • Pontypandy Extreme: Do a stunt combo on the big leap to the Mountain Rescue Centre on Pontypandy Circuit and land it successfully.
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