Trophy list


  • Savior of the Glade of Dreams - Get all trophies.


  • No More Dark - Defeat Mr. Dark and complete Candy Chateau.
  • Perfect Electoon Rescue - Break all of the cages to free Electoons.
  • Friends Are My Success - Help Tarayzan, The Musician and Joe the Extra-Terrestial in their tasks.


  • Super-Power Master - Get all of your new powers from Betilla the Fairy.
  • Chopped Scorpion - Complete The Caves of Skops.
  • Mission Elec-possible - Rescue half of the Electoons from their cages.
  • My Bad Self!? - Defeat Bad/Dark Rayman in Candy Chateau.
  • Great Magician - Win 10 Bonus Stages after paying to The Magician.


  • Learn to Punch - Get your telescopic fist power in Pink Plant Woods.
  • Hanging On - Get your hanging power in Anguish Lagoon.
  • Swing like Tarayzan - Get your grappling fist power in Moskito's Nest.
  • My Hair is a Helicopter - Get your helicopter hair power in Allegro Presto.
  • Run and Sprint - Get your running power in Mr. Stone's Peaks.
  • How Scary I Am? - Scare 30 enemies by using your Grimace.
  • Creative Opera with Some Imagination - Complete Picture City.
  • Mr. Stone Got Broken - Complete Blue Mountains.
  • Orchestra Live in Your Land - Complete Band Land.
  • Journey Just Begins - Complete The Dream Forest.
  • Plum In Your Head - Punch a plum and make it fall on the Livingstone's head.
  • Pay Me Some Tings - Complete a Bonus Stage.
  • Untouchable Limbs - Complete a level without taking damage or dying.
  • Can We Be Friends? - Defeat Bzzit in Anguish Lagoon.
  • Fastest as a Fly, Strong as a Bull - Get both Speed Fist and Golden Fist at the same time.
  • Green Thumb - Get Magic Seed from Tarayzan.
  • I Can Really Fly! - Get the Super Helicopter from the Musician.
  • Shiny Gift - Get Joe the Extraterrestial's firefly.
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