The Player

Character Description
The Dwarfer A past Red Dwarf crew member trapped in a prototype stasis pod after the radiation leak that killed the rest of the crew, the Dwarfer tags alongside the "Boys from the Dwarf" on an adventure that takes them back to familiar territories and facing past threats.

The Boys from the Dwarf

Character Description
Dave Lister A Third Class Technician sentenced to being put into stasis for bringing his pregnant cat onboard the Red Dwarf, Lister is the last living original member of the mining ship's crew and also the last known living Human in the known universe.
Arnold Rimmer A Second Class Technician and Lister's bunk mate, Rimmer was killed alongside the rest of the Red Dwarf crew and was then brought back from the dead as the ship's hologram, leading him to become the ship's highest ranking crew member and interim captain for the ship. Unpopular amongst others, Rimmer is petty, jealous and often dimwitted.
The Cat A Humanoid descendant of Lister's pregnant cat Frankenstein, the radiation evolved Cat society left the Red Dwarf in search of the promised land, leaving behind The Cat amongst the too ill and too old to travel. The Cat only thinks of his own well-being, is vain and superficial, with is vanity giving him false illusions of himself.
Kryten A neurotic Series 4000 Mechanoid, Kryten was once the servant aboard the Nova 5 to 3 female crew members only to be found and rescued some time after its crash. With the help of Lister, Kryten is being taught to break is programming to have his own independence and personality whilst working obedient under the leadership of Rimmer.


Character Description
Duane Dibbley An alter-ego of the Cat introduced as a hallucination created by a Despair Squid, Duane Dibbley is a geeky Human version of the Cat instead of a self-obsessed Felis Sapiens, lacking any of his cat instincts, intuition, vanity and dress-sense.
Skutters Small, motorised, claw-headed maintenance robot aboard the Red Dwarf, the Skutters kept the mining ship operational after the accident that killed everyone except Lister. It is known that the Skutters have a better union than the Human maintenance workers, are intelligent enough to enjoy movies and dislike Rimmer.
Talkie Toaster An annoying, monomaniacal, artificially intelligent toaster bought by Lister whilst on planet-leave, Talkie became smashed into 3000 pieces after Lister couldn't handle its constant attempts to steer every conversation towards the subject of making toast or any other toasted food for him. It was later rebuilt by Kryten, much to Lister's annoyance who then locked Talkie in the garbage hold, never to be seen again until Series XII.


Character Description
Simulants Artificial lifeforms, Simulants have a strong hatred towards Humans (their creators). Described as bio-mechanical killers created for a war that never took place, many of them escaped the dismantling program and now prowl around Deep Space in search of a quarry worthy of their mettle.
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