This a list of Shrek: Hassle at the Castle trophies/achievements from Shrek VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • The Best Ever!: Get all the trophies in the game.


  • Safe and Sound: Clear a level without taking any damage.
  • Boss Patrol: Defeat a boss without taking any damage.
  • Master Ogre: Clear the game on Advanced Mode.


  • Boss Hunter: Defeat a Boss without dying once.
  • All in One Go: Clear a level without dying once.
  • Expert Ogre: Clear the game on Normal Mode.


  • The Story Begins: Clear Shrek's Swamp.
  • Duloc or Bust: Clear The Road To Duloc.
  • Welcome to Duloc!: Clear Duloc.
  • Playing the Hero: Clear On The Way To The Dragon's Castle.
  • Into the Castle: Clear Dragon's Castle.
  • Fiona's Secret: Clear A Fork In The Road.
  • Back to Duloc: Clear Rescuing Princess Fiona.
  • Beginner Ogre: Clear the game on Easy Mode.
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