This a list of Shrek 2 PC Trophies/achievements from Shrek VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • The NEW Prince Charming: You got all trophies in the game!


  • Little Wand, Big Temper: Beat the Fairy Godmother once and for all!
  • Who's trying to get arrested?: Tear down ALL the wanted posters in the game
  • Coin Collector: get 1000 coins or more in the game.
  • Villains are so last year!: Defeat 400 enemies.


  • Halfway to Freedom: Tear down 1/2 the wanted posters
  • Perfect Quest: Complete a Level without dying once. Falling off doesn't count.
  • Bandit Catcher: Beat the Big Bandit Boss.
  • Happily Ever After: Complete the game.
  • Knighty Knight: Defeat the Fat Knight 3 times.
  • Supreme Hero: Defeat 250 enemies.


  • Far Far Away's Most UNWanted: Tear down your first Wanted Poster in the game
  • You Don't Know Jack: Access Jack's Farm.
  • How NOT to Kill Your Ogre: Defeat Puss in Boots.
  • Ogre 1, Bad Guys 0: Defeat 125 enemies.
  • Potion Commotion: Use at least one of every type of potion in the game.

Bronze [Hidden]

  • The Story Begins... Again!: Complete 'Swamp'
  • Ambush Over: Complete 'Carriage Ambush'
  • Forest Frolics: Complete 'Hunt in the Forest'
  • Potion: Impossible: Complete 'Fairy Godmother's Factory'
  • Alas, Poor Ogre: Complete 'Hamlet'
  • The Great Escape Times 3: Complete 'Prison Escape'
  • MONGO SMASH!: Complete 'Castle Seige'
  • Final Fight: Complete 'The Final Battle in the Castle'
  • OGRE POWER!: Defeat 50 enemies as Shrek
  • When Donkeys Attack: Defeat 50 enemies as Donkey
  • Bad Kitty: Defeat 50 enemies as Puss in Boots
  • Prince of the Battle: Defeat 50 enemies as Human Shrek
  • MONGO SMASH BADGUYS: Defeat 50 enemies as Mongo
  • Noble Steed: Defeat 50 enemies as Stallion Donkey
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